The Master’s Seminary Journal Vol.25 No.2 2014



1-8        Editorial – Irvin A. Busenitz

9-10       MSJ Tribute to Dick Mayhue – John MacArthur

11-12     Reflections on the Life and Ministry of Richard L. Mayhue – Irvin A. Busenitz

13-15      A Testimonial to Richard L. Mayhue – Keith Essex

17-28     The Gifts of Healing – Richard L. Mayhue

29-43     God’s Kingdom and the Miraculous – Michael J. Vlach

45-62     The Gift of Prophecy in the New Testament – F. David Farnell

63-84     Are Tongues Real Foreign Languages?
A Response to Four Continuationist Arguments – Nathan A. Busenitz

85-93      Strange Fire Redux – John MacArthur

95-104    The Writings of Dr. Richard L. Mayhue: 1974 to Present – Compiled by Dennis M. Swanson


105-132 Reviews
105-106  F. David Farnell and Norman L. Geisler
              The Jesus Quest: The Danger from Within
                  Reviewed by Richard L. Mayhue

106-108  J. Allen
Daniel Reconsidered: The Key to the Divine Timetable
Reviewed by J. E. Rosscup

108-110  Daniel I. Block
Obadiah: The Kingship Belongs to YHWH
Reviewed by Mar A. Hassler

110-112  Gregory A. Boyd
Benefit of the Doubt: Breaking the Idol of Certainty
Reviewed by Bradley Klassen

113-114  Angelo Di Beradina, ed.
Encyclopedia of Ancient Christianity,
Produced by the Institutum Patristricum Augustinianum
Reviewed by Dennis M. Swanson

114-117  John D. Currid
Against the Gods: The Polemical Theology of the Old Testament
Reviewed by Bryan Murphy

117-118  Colin Duriez
C.S. Lewis: A Biography of Friendship
Reviewed by Gregory H. Harris

118-124  Bart D. Ehrman
Forgery and Counterforgery:
The Use of Literary Deceit in Early Christian Polemics
Reviewed by Kelly T. Osborne

125-126  Douglas J. Moo
Reviewed by Mark A. Hassler

127-128  C. Marvin Pate
Apostle of the Last Days: The Life, Letters, and Theology of Paul
Reviewed by William D. Barrick

129-132  JoAnn Scurlock and Richard H. Beal, eds.
Creation and Chaos: A Reconsideration of
Herman Gunkel’s Chaoskampf Hypothesis
Reviewed by William D. Barrick