Creation Vol.37 No.1 2015

4 Feedback
6 Editorial: Secularism is Atheism – Don Batten
7 Focus-creation news and views
12 Chinese treasure ships – Warren Nunn
14 Honey: a healing gift from the Creator – Patrick Clarke
18 Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels
– Lita Cosner chats with Dr. Robert Carter and Gary Bates
21 Why the elephant is losing its tusks – David Catchpoole
22 Genealogies of Jesus – Lita Cosner
26 Radiometric backflip – Jonathan O’Brien
29 Pitcher plants and animal sanitation – Jonathan Sarfati
30 Creation for Kids – why do we believe the Bible? – Erin Hughes and Lita Cosner
34 Enraged elephants, terrifying tigers, and dangerous dinosaurs – David Catchpoole
38 Ichthyosaurs-evidence for a recent global flood – Jonathan Sarfati
40 Only the Bible explains the diversity of life – Dominic Statham
44 Unravelling myths about myth – Carl Wieland interviews historian
and archaeologist Murray Adamthwaite
47 Geomorphology provides multiple evidences for the global Flood – Micahel J. Oard
50 The’light from the big bang’ casts no shadows – John Hartnett
52 Exposing the deception
– Carl Wieland chats with geologist, marine scientist, and educator Roger Gallop
56 ‘Christmas trees’ light up butterflies – David Catchpoole