Modern Reformation Vol.24 No.1 January/February 2015


14    The “Better” Is the Best – Hywel R. Jones
20    Jesus Christ: Prophet, Priest, and King – Matthew R. Richard
26    God’s Assuring Promise – Chris Vogel
34    Worship, Ministry, and Discipline in the Epistle to the Hebrews – Bobby Jamieson
40    Heroes of the Faith – Ted Hamilton


04    Letter from the Editor – Eric Landry
05    BIBLE STUDY:  Holding Fast to Our Confession of Hope – Aimee Byrd
10    THEOLOGY:  “The Essence of Christianity”:
Johann Gerhard on the Death of Christ
47    BOOK REVIEWS – Baugus, Hales, and Taylor and Choi
54    GEEK SQUAD:  The New COvenant: A History – Michael S. Horton
56    BACK PAGE:  Four Things You Need to Know about Hebrews – Brooke Ventura