JETS Vol.57 No.4 December 2014

673    Image of Adam, Son of  God:  Genesis  5:3 and Luke 3:38 in Intercanonical Dialogue  –  Gavin Ortlund

689    “A Day Like No Other” in the Context  of  Yahweh War: Joshua  10:14 and the Characterization of Joshua  –  Gordon Oeste

703    Reconsidering the Role of Deception in Solomon’s Ascent to the
Throne  –  Matthew Newkirk

715    A Contrast Between Nicodemus and John the Baptist in the
Gospel  of John  –  Keith Vande Vrede

727    The  Use of  Perfection Language  in Hebrews  5:14 and 6:1 and the Contextual Interpretation  of  5:11-6:3   –  Allen Hill

743    Let No One  Despise  Your Youth: Church and the World in the Pastoral
Epistles  –  David W. Pao

757    NT Lament in Current  Research and its Implications for American
Evangelicals  –  Keith Campbell

773   Covenantal  Apologetics and Common-Sense Realism: Recalibrating the Argument from Consciousness as a Test Case  –  Nathaniel Gray Sutanto

793    Book Reviews

891    Index of  Book Reviews