Christianity Today Vol.59 No.1 January/February 2015

7 Editor’s Note  Katelyn Beaty introduces ‘beautiful orthodoxy.’
9 From the President Harold Smith names the ministry’s new editor in chief.
11 Reply All  Readers respond to the November issue via letters, tweets, and blogs:

15 Witness  Some of the persecuted church’s most familiar faces found freedom in 2014.
16 Gleanings Pope Francis invites Rick Warren to defend marriage, Turkish schools start teaching Christianity, and court saves pastors’ best benefit.
18 Headlines  The season of Adventists, Supreme Court considers church signs, and tending Latin America’s ‘stolen sheep.’
19 Under Discussion  Should pastors stop signing civil marriage certificates?

23 Where We Stand  Amnesty Is Not a Dirty  Word
25 Her.meneutics  Liuan Chen Huska learns the importance of making new friends.
26 Open Question Tawana Davis,Owen Strachan, and Lindsey and Justin Holcomb help wives facing domestic abuse.
28 Spirited Life  Andrew Wilson explains how God really inspires.

30 Stop Worrying About the Millennials  Millennial anxiety sabotages attempts to engage the next generation.  Dietrich Bonhoeffer explains why. – Andrew Root
Plus:  Why Black Churches Are Keeping Millennials
38 The Quiet Fighter How Shannon Sedgwick Davis helped dismantle Joseph Kony’s reign of terror. – Laura Joyce Davis
45 The 2015 Book Awards  Plus, our choice Book of the Year
50 Buying Bestsellers  A year after Mart Driscoll got caught manipulating The New York Times list, authors and publishers question a practice that extends far beyond Mars Hill. – Ken Walker
56 Understanding Seeking Faith  The day I realized knowing about Jesus was not enough. – Alister McGrath

61 Books  Tim Keller’s Prayer,review by Jen Pollock Michel
J.Todd Billings’s Rejoicing in Lament, review by John Koessler
Interview:Thomas E. Bergler’s From Here to Maturity
Top 5: Books every mother should read, by Amy Julia Becker
66 Arts What makes a broken sink art? Daniel Siedell explains.
96 Testimony Gregory Alan Thornbury honors the philosopher and former CT editor-who helped restore his faith.