Journal of Discipleship and Family Ministry Vol.4 No.2 Spring/Summer 2014

02    Timothy Paul Jones – Family-Based Youth Ministry, Twenty Years Later

Feature Articles
06    Tom Nettles – An Encouragement to Use Catechisms
28    John David Trentham – Adolescent Moral Development in Christian Perspective
52    Shane Parker – The Function of Short-Term Missions Experiences in Christian Formation
72    Jake Dunlow – Perceptions of Spiritual Formation in the 21st Century
104  David Schrock – Perspectives on Christ-Centered Family Discipleship
116  Appreciative Reflections on the Impact of “Family-Based Youth Ministry”

JDFM Forum
118  Interview with Mark Devries – Family-Based Youth Ministry: Then and Now
122  Book Reviews
134  Equipping the Generations
Derek Brown, Organizing for Successful Ministry
Kevin DeYoung, Two Questions that May Greatly Improve Your Church’s Ministry
Brian Howard, What Works for us (and might work for you) in Family Worship
Garrett Kell, Should I Tell My Spouse About Struggles with Sexual Purity?
David Mathis, Bring the Bible Home to Your Heart
R. Albert Mohler Jr., Why So Many Churches Hear So Little of the Bible