World Vol.30 No.2 January 24, 2015

34    Survival of the despised:  America at its best follows the philosophy of Emma Lazarus over that of Margaret Sanger
36    Vital parts of the body:  God created persons with cognitive disabilities for a reason, and special needs ministries are showing how much they can enrich a church
42    Special deliveries: Baby boxes and safe-haven laws save thousands of babies worldwide, but they stir controversy in South Korea
46    Pro-abortion and proud of it:  Social and media campaigns promote abortion without regrets, but sometimes a more complicated message slips out
50    Elderly island:  With fewer young marriages and abortion numbers sky high, Taiwan faces a severe birth dearth
54    Depression-era dishonesty:  The drive for abortion began not in the 1960s but in the 1930s
57    State-by-state progress:  More than a dozen states last year made it easier to protect life

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