Review and Expositor Vol.111 No.4 November 2014

First Words …
313  Editorial  – David  G. Garber
317  A word  from  …  – Neville Callam
320  A word  about  … gratitude – Larry Baker
325  A word  from  a seminarian – Alice Horner

Thematic Words …
329  From  bound  and gagged to swimming in the  water of life: How  God  breaks and heals Ezekiel – Mark McEntire
337  There’s no sex  in your  violence:  Patriarchal  translation in Ezekiel 16 and 23 – Bryan Bibb
346  “I went  in bitterness”: Theological  implications  of a trauma theory reading of Ezekiel – David G. Garber
358  No one  shall make them  afraid! Ezekiel 34:1-16, 28, 30-31 – Richard  Raymond   Lloyd
365  Minding the  sheep  downstream: Ezekiel 34 – Mark E. Hughes
369  Preaching to  an age of pessimism: Ezekiel 34 – Chase Peeples
376  The  body and being of God in Ezekiel – Robin C. McCall
390  A vision of hope  and fear: Creative research and Ezekiel 1 – B.J. Parker
401  Obscure preaching: Postmodern homiletical  insights from Ezekiel the  prophet – Jacob D. Myers

A Word about Recent Books…
Book Reviews
413  Mark Achtemeier, The Bible’s Yes to Same-Sex Marriage: An Evangelical’s
Change of Heart, reviewed by Mark A. Wirtz and Nancy L. deCiaisse-Walford
415  William P. Brown, Wisdom’s Wonder: Character, Creation, and Crisis in the Bible’s Wisdom Literature, reviewed by Jordan B. DeBord and
Nancy L. deCiaisse-Walford
416  J. Daryl Charles, Reading Genesis 1-2: An Evangelical Conversation,
reviewed by Meggie C. Dant and Nancy L. deCiaisse-Walford
417  David B. Gowler, James through the Centuries, reviewed by Brian C. Small
418  Richard Horsley and Tom Thatcher, John, Jesus & The Renewal of Israel,
reviewed by Arthur M. Wright, Jr.
419  Bernd Janowski, Arguing with God: A Theological Anthropology of the Psalms,
reviewed by Joseph A. Perdue
420  Chris Keith, Jesus Against the Scribal Elite: The Origins of the Conflict,
reviewed by Joshua Paul Smith
421  Willem F. Smelik, Rabbis, Language and Translation in Late Antiquity,
reviewed by Lauren Brown
422  Deanna A. Thompson, Deuteronomy, reviewed by Seth M. Vopat
423 Benyamin Tsedaka and Sharon Sullivan, The Israelite Samaritan Version of the
Torah, First English Translation Compared with the Masoretic Version,
reviewed by Terry W. Eddinger
424  Timothy J. Wengert, Reading the Bible with Martin Luther:
An Introductory Guide, reviewed by James R. McConnell
425  Millard J. Erickson, Christian Theology, reviewed by Robert W. Canoy
426  Angela Dienhart Hancock, Karl Barth’s Emergency Homiletic, 1932-1933: A Summons to Prophetic Witness at the Dawn of the Third Reich,
reviewed by Richard W. Voelz
427  Jennifer L. Koosed, The Bible and Posthumanism,
reviewed by Joshua Paul Smith
428  Kenneth H. Olson, Lens to the Natural World: Reflections on Dinosaurs, Galaxies, And God, reviewed by Stephen G. deCiaisse-Walford
430  Alexander Ryrie, The Desert Movement: Fresh Perspectives on the Spirituality of the Desert, reviewed by Larry McCutcheon
431  H. Paul Santmire, Before Nature: A Christian Spirituality,
reviewed by Joshua Paul Smith
432  J. Philip Wogaman, What Christians can Learn from Other Religions,
reviewed by James Elisha Taneti
433  Jeremy Worthen, Responding to God’s Call: Christian Formation Today,
reviewed by Danny M. West
434  Daniel, L. Buttry, Peace Warrior: A Memoir from the Front,
reviewed by Richard P. Olson
435  John C. Holbert, Telling the Whole Story: Reading and Preaching Old Testament Stories, reviewed by Mike Graves
436  David J. Lose, Preaching at the Crossroads: How the World-and Our
Preaching-Is Changing, reviewed by Mike Graves
437  Dean. G. Stroud, Preaching in Hitler’s Shadow: Sermons of Resistance
in the Third Reich, reviewed by Danny M. West