Catholic Biblical Quarterly Vol.77 No.1 January 2015

1-19      “Through Those Who Are Near to Me, I Will Show Myself Holy”: Nadab and Abihu and Apophatic Theology Gary A. Anderson
20-41     Who Is like David? Was David like David? Good Kings in the Book of Kings – Alison L. Joseph
42-68     “There Is Hope for a Tree”: Job’s Hope for the Afterlife in the Light of Egyptian Tree Imagery – Christopher Hays
69-86     What Is Truth? Jesus, Pilate, and the Staging of the Dialogue of the Cross in John 18:28-19:16a – Sherri Brown
87-106    Acts 1:15-26 and the Craft of New Testament Poetry – Matthew G. Whitlock
107-127    A Christology of Incarnation and Enthronement: Romans 1:3-4 as Unified, Nonadoptionist, and Nonconciliatory – Matthew W. Bates
128-191    Book Reviews – David Bosworth and Linda M. Maloney
192-210    Collected Essays
211-215    Books Received