Journal of Psychology and Theology Vol.42 No. 4 Winter 2014

315   Why Did God Make Me This Way? Anger at God in the Context of Personal Transgressions – Joshua B. Grubbs and Julie J. Exline
326   Attachment to God, Psychological Need Satisfaction, and Psychological Well-Being Among Christians – Maureen Miner, Martin Dawson, and Kim Malone
343   “A Cord of Three Strands is Not Easily Broken”: An Empirical Investigation of Attachment­ Based Small Group Functioning in the Christian Church – Joshua J. Knabb and Joseph Pelletier
359  Missionary Perspectives on the Effectiveness of Current Member Care Practices – Claire A. Camp, Joy M. Bustrum,  David W. Brokaw,  and Christopher  J. Adams
369   Theology for Better Counseling: Help from Within the Wesleyan-Holiness Theological Tradition – Virginia T. Holeman
379   Journal File
382  Featured Review
386  Errata
387  Index for Volume 42