Christian Educators Journal Vol.54 No.3 February 2015

4     Cultivating Grace-Shaped Communities – Syd Hielema
7     So You Want to Work in a Healthy Workplace? – Anne Martin
12   Decreasing Stress in the Classroom – Leslie Visser
15   When the Unthinkable Happens – Bob VandePol
20   Teacher Self-Care – Jean Holthaus
24   Understanding and Overcoming Self-Harm by Michelle DeBoer

2    Healthy Workplaces – Gary VamArragon
28   I Hear the Chickadee Calling – Jane Hoogendam-Reitsma
30   Songs Sung Blue – Gary L. Riggins
31   Managing Stress
33     Of Meatballs and Moustaches – Jan Kaarsvlam


First Things No.251, March 2015

The Public Square
3      We Can Win – R.R. Reno

8      Perplexing pope, Islam, etc.

17    Putting First Things First – Founding Editors of First Things
19    Missing Mass – Brian Doyle
21    Irving Kristol’s God – Tom Wilson

23    The Two Shall Become One Flesh – Evangelicals and Catholics Together
33    The New Intolerance – Mary Eberstadt
39    A Joust with Mario Cuomo – Kenneth L. Woodward
45    Books of 2014 – John Wilson

51    The Slain God by Timothy Larsen – reviewed by Christian Smith
54    The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber – reviewed by Randy Boyagoda
55    Being Mortal by Atul Gawande – reviewed by Wesley J. Smith
57    Josephine Barker and the Rainbow Tribe by Matthew Pray Guterl – reviewed by Mark Bauerlein
60    Mercy by Walter Kasper – reviewed by Daniel Patrick Moloney
62    Briefly Noted

While We’re At It
67    Not Charlie, Pursuit of love, etc.

The Back Page
72    Reason’s Faith – David Bently Hart

16    Mark Amorose
44    Jared Carter
50    Les Murray

First Things No.250, February 2015

The Public Square
3      Ferguson – R.R. Reno

8      Marriage Pledge – Charles Taylor, etc.

17    The Myth of Vampire Children – Christopher Kaczor
19    Global Anti-Semitism? – Edward S. Shapiro
21    Mecca for Sale – Stephen Schwartz

25    A More Inclusive Pluralism – George M. Marsden
33    The Civic Project of American Christianity – Michael Hanby
41    Responses to Micah Hanby – George Weigel and Rod Dreher
47    Necessity og the Good – Remi Brague

53    Lila by Marilynne Robinson – reviewed by Cassandra Nelson
55    Gay and Catholic by Eve Tushnet – reviewed by Francesca Aran Murphy
57    Gwynne’s Grammar by N.M. Gwynne – reviwed by Mark Bauerlein
59    True Paradox by David Skeel – reviwed by Robert T. Millwer
62    A Change of heart by Thomas C. Oden – reviwed by Carl R. Trueman
64    Briefly Noted

While We’re At It
67    Christian intellectuals, Journalisitc error, etc.

The Back Page
72    Roland on Free WIll – David Bentley Hart

16    Aaron Belz
23    Stephen Scarer
40    William Baer
52    Gail White

Creation Research Society Quarterly Vol.51 No.2 Fall 2014

84     Evidence for the Recent Existence of Mammoths and Mastodons: Implications for Creation and Evolution – Andrew V. Ste. Marie
96     Phanerozoic  Animal Tracks: A Challenge for Catastrophic Plate Tectonics – Carl R. Froede Jr., A. Jerry Akridge, and John K Reed
104   The Role of the Transcendental Argument in Creation  Research – Tom Carpenter
113   The Jurassic Coast: Evidence for the Flood – Michael J. Oard, John D. Matthews, and Andrew Sibley
128   Author and Title Index for Volume 50, 2013-2014 – Robert Mullin

132   Media Reviews
139   Instructions  to Authors
141   Membership/Subscription Application and Renewal Form
142   Order Blank for Past Issues

World Vol.30 No.4

Cover Story
36  Black&blue – In a tense climate for police officers – including many minorities – pursuing relationships with a sometimes-jaded public remains key to serving and protecting citizens

44  Ignoring the children – The 20-week abortion ban debacle in the House leaves pro-lifers stunned  and angry
48  Buying a best seller – Is David Jeremiah another gifted pastor who has used what some say is an ethically dubious method to promote books?
50  Clamping down on speech – French arrests following January’s Charlie Hebdo attacks highlight questions over how much words can hurt
54  Coal’s kill fee – Electricity prices are rising as coal plants fall in the wake of Washington’s anti­-carbon agenda

5     Joel Belz
7     DISPATCHES – News, Human Race, Quotables, Quick Takes
22   Janie B. Cheaney
25   CULTURE – Movies&TV, Books, Q&A, Music
34   Mindy Belz
59   NOTEBOOK – Lifestyle, Technology, Science, Houses of God, Sports
67   Mailbag
71   Andree Seu Peterson
72   Marvin Olasky

Baptist Quarterly Vol.46 No.1 January 2015


2      The Great War, 1914-18: A Houseful  of Belgians – DAVID T. ROBERTS
10    Richard  Foulkes Griffiths,  1850-1901: Political Dissenter – GERARD  CHARMLEY
27    James Haldane’s  Open-Air  Preaching, 1797-1805 – STUART BLYTHE


English Journal Vol.104 No.3 January 2015

7      Call for Manuscripts
11    From the Editors – Julie Gorlewski and David Gorlewski
13    EJ in Focus:  
How  Re-thinking Adolescence Helps Re-imagine  the Teaching of English – Sophia Tatiana Sarigianides, Mark A. Lewis, and Robert Petrone
In this framing article, the guest editors provide the theoretical framework for conceptualizing adolescence and adolescents driving this special issue of English Journal. They also describe what they call a youth lens, an approach for reading and analyzing young adult literature that honors the idea of adolescence as a construct.
19    Speaking My Mind: 
Dating  Ben Franklin: Investigating the Early Years of Historical Figures and Classic Authors – Sharon Kane

22    Precocious Knowledge: Using Banned Books to Engage in a Youth Lens – Alyssa D. Niccolini  This piece looks at how banned books can offer an illuminating glimpse into social constructions of “healthy” and “normal” adolescent development. Unease with certain materials and topics in the secondary classroom can offer productive points of inquiry for both teachers and students.
29    Reading Pop Culture and Young Adult Literature through the Youth Lens – Carlin Borsheim-Biack  This article describes activities and assignments  for using a youth lens to critique dominant images of adolescents/ce in young adult literature and pop culture texts.
35    Disrupting and Dismantling the Dominant Vision of Youth of Color – Susan L. Groenke, Marcelle Haddix, Wendy J. Glenn, David E. Kirkland, Detra Price-Dennis, and Chonika Coleman-King  In this article, ELA and urban teacher educators  who have been long-time advocates for and users of young adult  literature in their work with beginning English teachers re-think the cultural constructs of “black and brown” adolescence that undergird the genre and guide their work.
41    Social Media and “Kids Today”: A Counter-Narrative from a US High School – William Kist, Kristen Srsen, and Beatriz Fontanive Bishop  An incident of bullying via Twitter in a Midwestern US high school problematizes traditional  stereotypes about adolescents and social media, as witnessed by two English teachers at the school who write about their own experiences and implications for English curriculum and instruction.
47    Illuminating Discourses of Youth through the Study of First-Person Narration in Young Adult Literature – Amanda Haertling Thein and Mark A. Sulzer  Grounded in the three-part literary concept of the narrator, the narratee, and the implied reader, this article provides teachers and students  with a heuristic for uncovering, attending to, and critiquing assumptions about youth found in the first­person narrative form that predominates in young adult literature.
54   Using a Youth Lens to Facilitate literary Interpretation  for “Struggling” Readers – Alison Heron-Hruby, Brandie Trent, Samantha Haas, and Zachary Cole Allen  This article details the authors’ success in using youth as a construct to facilitate literary analysis skills among high school students  who claimed not to like reading and who demonstrated difficulty with reading comprehension.  The authors provide descriptions of the analysis activities in which the students  participated.
61   Sex in the English Classroom: Text, Counter Text, and Social Text – Elisabeth Johnson  In this article, the author is concerned with the ways conceptions of adolescence and sexuality take hold in and beyond the English curriculum. Through a classroom vignette, she considers some of the ways teachers might make more of moments when sex comes up and when planning interactions about sex with youth.
68   Re-constructing and Re-presenting Teenagers: Using Media Literacy to Examine Cultural Constructions of Adolescents – David L. Bruce  This article describes a class in which media  literacy was used as a means for student inquiry into cultural  constructedness of adolescents. Students read and critiqued media portrayals of teenagers, then used digital video to re-construct  their own complex re-presentations of their adolescent selves.
75   Youth as Cosmopolitan Intellectuals – Tiffany DeJaynes and Christopher Curmi  Two high school teachers examine  classroom moments that position youth as cosmopolitan intellectuals  and invested community members as opposed to disengaged and disaffected adolescents.

12   Claiming Spaces – Kjersti VanSiyke-Briggs
60   Hymn Sung at the Completion of the Lesson Plan, 11/12/13 – Maria Fischer
67   Sonnet for My First-Period, Ninth-Grade  Class – J.P. Murphy
84   Teachable Moment – Maria Sanchez

81   A Thousand Writers: Voices of the NWP:  The Serious Work  of Writing – Anna Smith
85   Carpe Librum: Seize the (VA) Book:  Will You Go Out with Me?  Why First Loves Are Painfully Important  to YA Lit – Emilee Hussack and Pauline Skowron Schmidt
88   Soft(a)ware in the English Classroom  Reassessing How  We “See”  Students: The Blessing and Blight of Rubrics (and Software) in Education – Tom Liam Lynch
91   Speaking Truth to Power  Speaking Out  in the Public Sphere: Why, What, Where, and How Teachers Can Enter the Fray – Peter Smagorinsky
97   Under Discussion: Teaching Speaking and Listening  Care to Elaborate: Encouraging Students to Build on Others’  Ideas – Lisa M. Barker

World Vol.30 No.3 February 7, 2015

34    Terror by the minute:  Across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East terrorist attacks unfold seemingly simultaneously in January, a product of bigger, better-finances Islamic jihadists driven by a singular ideology. “The West is duly terrified.  But it should not be surprised.”
Medical Emergency: ISIS takeover in Anbar, as with other parts of Iraq, is wrecking hard-won advances.
46    The fifth wave:  Policy changes are prompting an increase in the number of Cubans coming to the United States – and jeopardizing a revival.
50    Union demands:  An obscure case in Pennsylvania appears to be the first to address where teachers’ money goes when they religiously object to union membership.
54    Promise keepers:  Federal pro-life opportunities this year include efforts to hold President Obama to his word on Obamacare and to protect unborn children who can feel pain.

3      Joel Belz
5      Dispatches:  News, Human Race, Quotables, Quick Takes
20    Janie B. Cheaney
23    Culture:  Movies and TV, Books, Q&A – Gregg Easterbrook, Music
32    Mindy Belz
57    Notebook:  Lifestyle, Technology, Science, Houses of God, Sports
65    Mailbag
67    Andree Seu Peterson
68    Marvin Olasky