World Vol.30 No.3 February 7, 2015

34    Terror by the minute:  Across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East terrorist attacks unfold seemingly simultaneously in January, a product of bigger, better-finances Islamic jihadists driven by a singular ideology. “The West is duly terrified.  But it should not be surprised.”
Medical Emergency: ISIS takeover in Anbar, as with other parts of Iraq, is wrecking hard-won advances.
46    The fifth wave:  Policy changes are prompting an increase in the number of Cubans coming to the United States – and jeopardizing a revival.
50    Union demands:  An obscure case in Pennsylvania appears to be the first to address where teachers’ money goes when they religiously object to union membership.
54    Promise keepers:  Federal pro-life opportunities this year include efforts to hold President Obama to his word on Obamacare and to protect unborn children who can feel pain.

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