First Things No.250, February 2015

The Public Square
3      Ferguson – R.R. Reno

8      Marriage Pledge – Charles Taylor, etc.

17    The Myth of Vampire Children – Christopher Kaczor
19    Global Anti-Semitism? – Edward S. Shapiro
21    Mecca for Sale – Stephen Schwartz

25    A More Inclusive Pluralism – George M. Marsden
33    The Civic Project of American Christianity – Michael Hanby
41    Responses to Micah Hanby – George Weigel and Rod Dreher
47    Necessity og the Good – Remi Brague

53    Lila by Marilynne Robinson – reviewed by Cassandra Nelson
55    Gay and Catholic by Eve Tushnet – reviewed by Francesca Aran Murphy
57    Gwynne’s Grammar by N.M. Gwynne – reviwed by Mark Bauerlein
59    True Paradox by David Skeel – reviwed by Robert T. Millwer
62    A Change of heart by Thomas C. Oden – reviwed by Carl R. Trueman
64    Briefly Noted

While We’re At It
67    Christian intellectuals, Journalisitc error, etc.

The Back Page
72    Roland on Free WIll – David Bentley Hart

16    Aaron Belz
23    Stephen Scarer
40    William Baer
52    Gail White