Southeastern Theological Review Vol. 5 No.2 Winter 2014

153    Introduction to the Volume – STR Editor
157    David, the Book of Ruth, and Its Place in a Larger National Storyline – J. Andrew Dearman
171     The Crucified King: STR Interviews Dr. Jeremy Treat
185    Jesus’ View of Repentance  and Forgiveness: A Hermeneutical  Test Case – Joshua Chatraw
203    A Return to Christ’s Kingdom:  Early Swiss Anabaptist Understanding and Temporal Application of the Kingdom of God – Stephen Brett Becher

Books Reviews
233    James Henry Harris. The Forbidden Word: The Symbol and Sign of Evil in American Literature, History, and Culture – Eric M. Washington
235    Walter Elwell and Robert W. Yarbrough.  Encountering the New Testament: A Historical and Theological Survey – Michael L. Bryant
237    Victor H. Matthews. The Hebrew Prophets and Their Social World – Jason T. LeCureux
239    Mark David Hall. Roger Sherman and the Creation of the American Republic – Brent J. Aucoin
241    Thomas R. Schreiner. The King in His Beauty: A Biblical Theology of the Old and New Testaments – Matthew Y. Emerson
244    Kutter Callaway. Scoring Transcendence: Contemporary Film Music as Religious Experience – Jeremy Evans
245    Robert B. Chisholm. 1 & 2 Samuel – Ryan P. O’Dowd
248    J. Stephen Yuille. Looking unto Jesus: The Christ-Centered Piety of Seventeenth-Century Baptists – G. Stephen Weaver Jr.
250    Barry Webb. The Book of Judges – David T. Lamb
252    Jonathan R. Wilson. God’s Good World: Reclaiming the Doctrine of Creation – Ken Keathley
254    Jonathn Stokl. Prophery in the Ancient Near East: A Philological and Sociological Comparison –  Jason T. LeCureux
256    Jackson Wu. Saving God’s Face: A Chinese Contextualization of Salvation through Honor and Shame – Wesley L. Handy
258    Heath Thomas, Jeremy Evans, and Paul Copan, eds. Holy War in the Bible: Christian Morality  and an Old Testament Problem – Jason B. Hood
261    W. Edward Glenny. Hosea: A Commentary based on Hosea in Codex Vaticanus – Joshua Moon
263    Michael McClenahan. Jonathan Edwards and Justification by Faith – Nathan A. Finn
265    Dominique  Barthelemy. Studies in the Text of the Old Testament: An Introduction to the Hebrew Old Testament Text Project – Tracy McKenzie


Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport Vol.85 No.4 December 2014

427   Facing a Fast-Changing World  With  “No Change” – Weimo Zhu
429    Editorial  Board Position Statement Regarding the  Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA)  Recommendations With  Respect to Journal  Impact  Factors  – Gregory Welk, Mark G. Fischman, Christy Greenleaf, Louis Harrison, Lynda Ransdell, Hans van der Mars, and Weimo Zhu

431    H. McCloy Lecture: Reflections on Socialization Into Physical Education: An Intergenerational Perspective – Thomas J. Templin and K. Andrew R. Richards
446    Improved  Data Reporting  in RQES: From Volumes 49, 59, to 84 – Jerry R. Thomas
449    The  Importance of Peer Review: Thoughts on Knudson, Morrow,  and Thomas  (2014) – Mark G. Fischman
New Research Highlights, Trends, and Technology
451    High-Intensity  Interval Training  for Improving  Postprandial  Hyperglycemia – Jonathan  P. Little and Monique E. Francois

457    Relationship Between Traditional Games and  the Intensity  of Emotions Experienced by Participants – Pere Lavega,  Jose I. Alonso, Joseba Etxebeste, Francisco Lagardera, and Jaume March
468    Relationship Between Motivation and Learning in Physical Education and After-School Physical Activity – Senlin Chen, Haichun Sun, Xihe Zhu, and Ang Chen
478    Effect of a Sport  Education Program on Motivation  for Physical Education and Leisure-Time Physical Activity – Tristan L. Wallhead, Alex C. Garn, and Carla Vidoni
488    Physical Activity Practices in Elementary  Schools  and Associations With Physical Education Staffing and Training – Lindsey Turner, Tyler G. Johnson, Sandy J. Slater, and Frank J. Chaloupka
502    Salivary a-Amylase Reflects Change  in Attentional Demands During  Postural Control: Comparison With  Probe  Reaction  Time – Kazunori Akizuki  and Yukari Ohashi
509    Factors Related to Rural Young Adolescents’ Participation in Outdoor, Noncompetitive Physical Activity – Richard W. Christiana, Marsha Davis, Mark G. Wilson, Frances A. McCarty, and Gary T. Green
519    The  Effect of Passive Versus Active Recovery on  Power Output Over Six Repeated Wingate Sprints – Egla-Irina D. Lopez, James M. Smoliga, and Gerald S. Zavorsky
527    Distinguishing Perceived Competence and Self-Efficacy: An Example  From Exercise – Wendy M. Rodgers, David Markland,  Anne-Marie  Selzler, Terra C. Murray, and Philip M. Wilson

Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport Vol. 85 No.3 September 2014

263    Assessing Impact of Physical Activity-Based Youth Development Programs: Validation of the Life Skills Transfer Survey (LSTS) – Maureen R. Weiss, Nicole D. Bolter, and Lindsay E. Kipp

China Square Dancing
279    Music Is Not Our Enemy, But Noise Should Be Regulated: Thoughts  on Shooting/Conflicts Related to Dama Square Dance in China – Lijun Zhou
Response to Commentary on Effective Teaching in Physical Education
282    Teacher Effectiveness in Physical Education-Consensus? – Judith Rink
287    The Pill Not Taken: Revisiting Physical Education Teacher Effectiveness in a Public Health Context – Thomas L. McKenzie and Monica A. F. Lounsbery
293    A Response to the Conversations on Effective Teaching in Physical Education – Phillip Ward

Top 10 Research Questions
297    Top 10 Research Questions Related to Exercise Deficit Disorder (EDD) in Youth   – Avery D. Faigenbaum, Thomas  M.  Best, James MacDonald,  Gregory D. Myer, and Andrea Stracciolini

308    Effects of Mental and Physical Practice on a Finger Opposition  Task Among Children – Sabrina  Kyoko de Paula Asa, Mara Cristina Santos Melo, and Maria  Elisa Pimentel Piemonte
346    Modified Delphi Investigation of Motor Development and Learning in Physical Education Teacher Education – Susan  Ross, Amanda  Metcalf, Sean M. Bulger, and Lynn D. Hausner
330    Differences of Ballet Turns (Pirouette) Performance Between Experienced and Novice Ballet Dancers – Chia-Wei Lin, Shing-Jye Chen,  Fong-Chin Su, Hong-Wen Wu, and Cheng-Feng Lin
341    The Hot Hand Belief and Framing Effects – Clare MacMahon, Jorn Koppen, and Markus Raab
351    Describing  Strategies Used  by Elite, Intermediate, and  Novice Ice Hockey Referees – David J. Hancock  and Diane M. Ste-Marie
365    Impact  of Overt  and Subclinical  Hypothyroidism on  Exercise Tolerance: A Systematic Review – Jeannette A  C. Lankhaar, Wouter R. de Vries, Jaap A C. G. Jansen, Pierre M. J. Zelissen, and Frank  J. G. Backx
390    Association  Between Accelerometer-Assessed  Physical Activity and  Objectively Measured Hearing Sensitivity Among  U.S. Adults  With Diabetes – Paul D. Loprinzi, Ben Gilham, and Bradley J. Cardinal
398    Sixth-Grade  Physical Education: An Acculturation of Bullying and Fear – Jamie A O’Connor and Kim C. Graber

409    White Blood Cell Counts Mediate  the Effects of Physical Activity on  Prostate-Specific Antigen  Levels – Paul D. Loprinzi and Sarah M. Richart
414    JROTC as a Substitute for PE: Really? – Monica A F. Lounsbery, Kathryn  A Holt, Shannon M. Monnat, Brian Funk, and Thomas L. McKenzie
420    Publicizing Female Athletes’  Weights: Implications for Female Psychology Undergraduates Acting as Spectators – Jill Holm-Denoma, April Smith, and Matthew Waesche

World Vol.30 No.6

7      Joel Belz
11    Dispatches: News, Human Race, Quotables, Quick Takes
26    Janie B. Cheaney
29    Culture: Movies & TV, Books, Q&A, Music
38    Mindy Belz
67    Notebook: Lifestyle, Technology, Science, Houses of God, Sports, Money
75    Mailbag
79    Andree Seu Peterson
80    Marvin Olasky

44    The Kids are Not All Right:  After being raised in same-sex households, some children, now grown, are risking the ire of aggressive gay activists by saying the same-sex parenting model is fundamentally flawed
52    Danger Zone:  Nigeria’s presidential election poses tough questions for Christians needing protection in one of the world’s top spots for terrorist violence
56    Historic Tragedy:  As ISIS destroys or pillages the artifacts of Iraq and Syria, archaeologists find local heroes determined to protect the past
62    Shot Selection: A sample of views on vaccination from ground zero of the Whole Foods subculture

American Baptist Quarterly Vol.32 No. 2 Summer 2013

135    Resources for  Black History Editorial Introduction – Deborah Van Broekhoven
137    The  Importance of Historical Inquiry for African-American Ministry – Beverly Eileen Mitchell
149    Recasting a Black Baptist  Narrative – Adam Bond
171    Let the Doors of the  Church Be Open: Martin Luther King, Jr. and  the  Baptists in Chapel Hill,  North Carolina – Curtis Freeman
190    Rev. Edmond Kelley: Love, Family and Christian Commitment – Paul Walker
207    The  Life of an African American Baptist Missionary, Gladys V. East: Her  Challenges and  Reward – Pamela Smoot
226    Book Publishing at the  National Baptist  Publishing Board, 1895-1915: A Bibliography – Quinton Hosford Dixie

Evangelical Journal Vol. 32 No. 2 Fall 2014

49    ‘Imitators of God’: A Theocentric Approach  to the Christian Preaching of Old Testament Law – Timothy R. Valentino
68    The Neglect of Eschatology: Examining Treatments of the Apocalyptic in World Christianity, Christian Mission, and Popular Christian Journals  – Robert P. French II
79    The Challenge of Being a Minority  as Christians in the World Today – Lalrosiem Songate
82    Roots and Consequences of Ethnocentricism  – Julius K. Muthengi

First Things No.252 April 2015

The Public Square
7    Richard John Neuhaus  – R. R. Reno
8    Freud, Locke & Gospel, etc.
17  Licensing the Kingdom – Nora Calhoun
19  Apostolate of Death – Aaron Kheriaty
21  Extreme Makeover: Chartres Edition – Maureen Mullarkey
25  The End of the University – Roger Scruton
33  Dismantling the Cross – Patricia Snow
43  Saving Punishment – Stephen H. Webb
49  Reading Barth with Charity – George Hunsinger; reviewed by Phillip Cary
53  Christian Reconstructionism – Michael J. McVicar; reviewed by Richard J. Mouw
56  Why Homer Matters – Adam Nicolson
Homer and the Gods and Human Virtue – Peter J. Ahrensdorf
reviewed by Glenn Arbery
59  Justice Through Apologies – Nick Smith; reviewed by Stephanos Bibas
61  Briefly Noted
While We’re At It
65  Cold living, Heroic impulse, etc.
The Back Page
72  Vinculum Magnum Entis – David Bentley Hart
16  Jeff Peabody
23  Bryce Christensen
24  Anna Stiritz
31  John Whitworth
48  Maryann Corbett