Touchstone Vol.28 No.2 March/April 2015

3    Suffer the Children How Can the Young Flourish Without Peace – ANTHONY ESOLEN


26    As Goes Sweden Neo-Pagan Family Policies Doom Any Recovery – ALLAN CARLSON
34    Echoes of Samaria Finding Jesus & Neighbors in the Holy Land – MICHAEL  BAUM
40    The Icon of Materialism Why Scientism’s Cherished
              Progress Narrative Fails – JONATHAN WITT

Columns and Views

14    FROM  HEAVENLY HARMONY: Christus Victoriae – KEN MYERS
16    Facing God: DAVID MILLS on Divine Worship & the Natural Limits of Community
17    Thine the Deadly Pain MICHAEL S. LUCKEY on How a Presbyterian  Pastor Rediscovered the Passion
20     Time  to Move Along: BOB  PERRY on How a Good & Faithful Man Says Goodbye
50     FIRST BOOKS: States to Imagine by KATHIE JOHNSON
52     ILLUMINATIONS: A Fast for the Feast – ANTHONY ESOLEN
54     A  THOUSAND WORDS: The Risen Christ by Michelangelo Buonarotti – MARY ELIZABETH PODLES
56     As IT Is  WRITTEN… Jesus Now Glorified – PATRICK HENRY REARDON