Modern Reformation Vol.24 No.2 March/April 2015


18    Should We Expect Many Pentecosts? – Jeong Woo “James” Lee
24    Where Have All the Spiritual Gifts Gone? A Defense of Cessationism – Richard B. Gaffin Jr.
30    A Friendly Appeal – Adrian Warnock
34    Christ’s Gifts of the Spirit – Nicholas T. Batzig
38    Is Your Church Spiritual Enough – Jee Mallinson
44    Easter Morn at the Cemetery – Chad Bird


04    Letters from the Editor – Eric Landry
05    Theology: Gospel Synesthesia – Garrett Soucy
08    Bible Study: “Fall Like Lightning” – Brian Lee
11    Christ and Culture: Urban Synagogue – Terrence Jones
14    Interview: On the Road toward Reformation: Q&A with Stan Way
47    Book Reviews:  Wilson, Kelley, and Gardiner
54    Geek Squad: Marin Luther on the Holy Spirit: A Lesson in Sticking to the Basics – Russell Dawn
56    Back Page: Charismatic Movements in the History of the Church – Timothy W. Massaro