Psychology Today Vol.48 No.2 March/April 2015


48    Eureka! – You know the feeling: An inner light bulb flicks on and you suddenly see the solution to a problem. But what triggers a flash of insight? Researchers are drilling down on what’s going on in the brain when the “aha!”‘ moment hits and even discovering how to spark it.* BY BRUCE GRIERSON

58    Gay Love, Straight Sense – All couples struggle with sex, expectations, and attractions to others. Same-sex couples have worked out some solutions. Everyone can learn from their example. BY HARA ESTROFF MARANO

66    The New Survivors – A cohort of people who have cancer are now living with the disease as a kind of chronic illness. But what does it mean to exist indefinitely in an uncertain state between being terminal and being cured?* BY WENDY PARIS

74    The Ties that Unwind – Adult sibling estrangement affects more families than most of us think, but many keep it a secret. Why do some brothers and sisters stand by each other no matter what, while others cut the cord? BY SARA ECKEL

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26    ECCENTRIC’S CORNER  – Surpris­ologist Tania Luna wants to add more novelty to our lives.
28    PERSON OF INTEREST  – Man? Woman? A growing number of people say they’re neither.

32    MIND YOUR BODY  – How sensory input from within your body is linked to emotion.
83    HOW TO BE A SHRINK  – Careers in Psychology

37    Are your partner’s smartphone habits making you depressed?
43    BOOKS  – Thinkers are exploring both the means and ethics of immortality.

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9-22 Insights – Feeling one with strangers; how having a good spouse pays off; chatting brain-to-brain; the power of high heels.
96     Final Analysis