Christianity Today Vol.59 No.2 March 2015

7    Editor’s Note
9    Reply All – Readers respond to the December issue via letters, tweets, and blogs.

13    Witness – The Vatican tries a less flighty sign of peace.
14    Gleanings – Why pastors get fat, Charlie Hebdo’s deadly effect on Christians, and Bob Jones University apologizes.
17    Headlines – Online evangelists see conversion rates of a Billy Graham crusade a way, experts debate the role of short-term missionaries as doors to Myanmar and Cuba open.

23    Where We Stand – Cuba Libre
26    Open Question – Eve Tushnet, Lisa Severine Nolland, and Sherif Girgis suggest how to RSVP to same-sex weddings.
28    Wayfaring – Wesley Hill worships with friends across denominations.
30    Past Imperfection – David Neff explains how churches birthed the music of protest.

32    The Return of Shame – Why we feel less guilty than ever before – and more ashamed than ever before.  How the gospel speaks to a major shift in Western morality. – Andy Crouch
Plus: The Upside of Shame
42    The Lost World of Adam and Eve – Old Testament scholar John Walton affirms a historical Adam, but says there are far more important dimensions to Genesis. – Interview by Kevin P.Emmert
48    Re-Word:  Unrolling the Scroll of Freedom – Jesus appeared in the synagogue to proclaim liberty; even for good church folk like me. – Beth Moore
52    Powerhouse in a Petticoat – She showed up to dinner parties flashing antislavery tracts, taught England’s lower classes to read, and hobnobbed with the literati. So what happened to the legacy of Hannah More? – Karen Swallow Prior

59    Books
Greg Garret’s Entertaining Judgment, review by Alissa Wilkinson
Chen Guangsheng’s The Barefoot Lawyer, review by Melanie Kirkpatrick
Excerpt: Rejoicing in Christ, review by Michael Reeves
Interview: Matt Chandler’s The Mingling of Souls
88    Testimony – During a drug-induced vision, James Stuart Bell found Jesus again.