Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport Vol.85 No.4 December 2014

427   Facing a Fast-Changing World  With  “No Change” – Weimo Zhu
429    Editorial  Board Position Statement Regarding the  Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA)  Recommendations With  Respect to Journal  Impact  Factors  – Gregory Welk, Mark G. Fischman, Christy Greenleaf, Louis Harrison, Lynda Ransdell, Hans van der Mars, and Weimo Zhu

431    H. McCloy Lecture: Reflections on Socialization Into Physical Education: An Intergenerational Perspective – Thomas J. Templin and K. Andrew R. Richards
446    Improved  Data Reporting  in RQES: From Volumes 49, 59, to 84 – Jerry R. Thomas
449    The  Importance of Peer Review: Thoughts on Knudson, Morrow,  and Thomas  (2014) – Mark G. Fischman
New Research Highlights, Trends, and Technology
451    High-Intensity  Interval Training  for Improving  Postprandial  Hyperglycemia – Jonathan  P. Little and Monique E. Francois

457    Relationship Between Traditional Games and  the Intensity  of Emotions Experienced by Participants – Pere Lavega,  Jose I. Alonso, Joseba Etxebeste, Francisco Lagardera, and Jaume March
468    Relationship Between Motivation and Learning in Physical Education and After-School Physical Activity – Senlin Chen, Haichun Sun, Xihe Zhu, and Ang Chen
478    Effect of a Sport  Education Program on Motivation  for Physical Education and Leisure-Time Physical Activity – Tristan L. Wallhead, Alex C. Garn, and Carla Vidoni
488    Physical Activity Practices in Elementary  Schools  and Associations With Physical Education Staffing and Training – Lindsey Turner, Tyler G. Johnson, Sandy J. Slater, and Frank J. Chaloupka
502    Salivary a-Amylase Reflects Change  in Attentional Demands During  Postural Control: Comparison With  Probe  Reaction  Time – Kazunori Akizuki  and Yukari Ohashi
509    Factors Related to Rural Young Adolescents’ Participation in Outdoor, Noncompetitive Physical Activity – Richard W. Christiana, Marsha Davis, Mark G. Wilson, Frances A. McCarty, and Gary T. Green
519    The  Effect of Passive Versus Active Recovery on  Power Output Over Six Repeated Wingate Sprints – Egla-Irina D. Lopez, James M. Smoliga, and Gerald S. Zavorsky
527    Distinguishing Perceived Competence and Self-Efficacy: An Example  From Exercise – Wendy M. Rodgers, David Markland,  Anne-Marie  Selzler, Terra C. Murray, and Philip M. Wilson