World Vol.30 No.6

7      Joel Belz
11    Dispatches: News, Human Race, Quotables, Quick Takes
26    Janie B. Cheaney
29    Culture: Movies & TV, Books, Q&A, Music
38    Mindy Belz
67    Notebook: Lifestyle, Technology, Science, Houses of God, Sports, Money
75    Mailbag
79    Andree Seu Peterson
80    Marvin Olasky

44    The Kids are Not All Right:  After being raised in same-sex households, some children, now grown, are risking the ire of aggressive gay activists by saying the same-sex parenting model is fundamentally flawed
52    Danger Zone:  Nigeria’s presidential election poses tough questions for Christians needing protection in one of the world’s top spots for terrorist violence
56    Historic Tragedy:  As ISIS destroys or pillages the artifacts of Iraq and Syria, archaeologists find local heroes determined to protect the past
62    Shot Selection: A sample of views on vaccination from ground zero of the Whole Foods subculture