World Vol.30 No.9 2015

38  Losing their shirts Christian small-business owners across the country are under threat as gay activists try to force them to affirm homosexuality. This assault on religious liberty could define the 2016 campaign for the White House
BROKEN “FIX”:Indiana bows to “incredible” pressure and eviscerates its new religious freedom law
44  Kachin casualties: Burma has signed a cease­ fire with opposing ethnic groups, but the fighting hasn’t stopped and diplomacy may be failing
48  Shaken family: Josh Burns is one in a long line of parents  jailed over shaken baby syndrome, an abuse diagnosis facing new scrutiny
52  Waiting to break free: A trip through Cambodia reveals a corrupt but growing country still dealing with the effects of the Khmer Rouge and a culture of aid  dependency

6    Joel Belz
9    DISPATCHES: News, Human Race, Quotables, Quick Takes
24  Janie B. Cheaney
27  CULTURE: Movies&TV Books, Q&A, Music
36  MindyBelz
59  NOTEBOOK: Lifestyle, Sports, Science, Houses of God, Religion, Research
67  Mailbag
71  Andree Sen Peterson
72  Marvin Olasky

Leadership Journal Spring 2015

7      Ministry as Trauma Center: From the editor – Marshall Shelley
30    The War After The War: PTSD touches veterans and their families. How churches can help – Steve Norman
34    St.Francis’s Combat  Trauma: Warfare marked this veteran-turned-saint – Annalaura Chuang
35    My Incurable Condition: How to pray for someone with a terminal diagnosis –  J. Todd Billings
39    Violence in the Home: How pastors can best help victims of domestic abuse – Justin Holcomb
43    My Healing Community: How I discovered grace when my pastor­-husband was jailed for sex-crimes – Shelly Duffer
45    Healing the Horrors of Boko Haram: In Nigeria we saw the light of heaven pierce the shadow of evil – Stewart Ruch Ill and Matt Woodley

17    Why “Don’t Do it” Doesn’t Word – Tyler Charles
22    Armed and Dangerous – Skye Jethani
24    Ministry’s Bleeding Edge – David Kinnaman

51    The Neglected Power of Blessing – Lee Eclov
56    Ideas That Word – complied by Jonathan Sprowl
58    Your Small Church is Big – Karl Vaters
60    Leadership Shorts – a summary of Mission Drift by Paul Pastor
64    Taking Pains – H.B. Charles

69    The Relationally Grounded Pastor – and interview with Eugene Peterson by J.R. Briggs
78    Putting Failure on Ice – John Torres
86    Into the Whirlwind – Mark Buchanan
90    My Calling Tested – Steve Tomlinson

Touchstone Vol. 28 No.3

3     Ashamed of the Gospel? The End of Comfortable Christianity – Robert P. George

28    No Country for Young Children What Kind of Society Can Countenance Such Evil? – Anthony Esolen
32   The Spy Who Turned Witness Whittaker Chambers”s Lonely War Against Godless Collectivism – Hunter Baker
38    Of Bicycles, Sex & Natural Law Describing Human Ends & Our Limitations Is Neither Futile Nor Unloving – R. V. Young

Columns and Views
12    Mortal Remains: But Is It Interesting? – S. M. Hutchens
13    From  Heavenly Harmony: Mendelssohn, Memory & Melody – Ken Myers
15    Deep Convictions – Robert Hart on the Formation of Conscience for Good or Ill
17    Spirited Hearts – Stephen Muse on Why  Men Without Chests Are Not Free & Do Not Love
20    Dumb Sheep – James S. Spiegel on the Truth About a Slanderous Accusation
21    Beyond Words – David Warren on Giving & Getting Attention in the Religious Classroom
50    Illuminations: Muddled Hymns – Anthony Esolen
53    A  Thousand  Words: Portico de la Gloria by Master  Mateo – Mary Elizabeth Podles
56    As It Is Written … Lord of Heaven & Earth – Patrick Henry Reardon

5      Quodlibet
7      Letters
10    The Suffering Church
24    Communique: Transfigure or Die Trying American Orthodoxy in the Public Square – Alexander F. C. Webster
44    Book Reviews: The Other Americas The Rebirth of Latin American Christianity by Todd  Hartch reviewed by Leon J. Podles
45    French  Future Tense Soumission by Michel  Houellebecq reviewed by Graeme Hunter
47    An Engaged  Woman Fierce Convictions: The Extraordinary  Life of Hannah More -Poet Reformer, Abolitionist by Karen Swallow Prior reviewed by Joseph Stuchal
48    The Moral  Physician Practicing Medicine and Ethics: Integrating Wisdom, Conscience, and Goals of Care by Lauris Christopher Kaldjian reviewed by Christopher Tollefsen


Christian Scholar’s Review Vol. 44 No.3 2015

203       DON W. KING, On Reading

207        STEVEN D. BOYER AND WALTER B. HUDDELL III, Mathematical Knowledge and Divine Mystery: Augustine and his Contemporary Challengers
237       DAVID A. HOEKEMA, Spiritual Realities Made Audible and Visible: An Appreciation  of the Music of Benjamin Britten
263       STEVE L. PORTER, FELICIA HEYKOOP, BARBARA MILLER, AND TODD PICKETT, Spiritual Formation and the Social Justice Turn

285       MARK  DAVID  HALL, A Failed Attempt in Partisan Scholarship

293       RICK  KENNEDY,   The New American Hagiography: Academically Responsible Biography of Holy Persons

307       MOLLY  WORTHEN, Apostles of Reason: The Crisis of Authority in American Evangelicalism – Reviewed by Barry Hankins
309       KEVIN  TIMPE  AND CRAIG  A. BOYD, EDS.,  Virtues and Their Vices – Reviewed by Philip  Smith
311       MARGARET  M. GRUBIAK,   White Elephants on Campus: The Decline of the University Chapel in America, 1920-1960 – Reviewed by Nathan Alleman
314      STEPHEN C. MEYER,  Darwin’s Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for Intelligent Design – Reviewed by Michael  Buratovich
317      SHAUN  C. HENSON, God and Natural Order: Physics, Philosophy, and Theology – Reviewed by Robert  C. Bishop
321         ALISTER E. McGRATH, The Intellectual World of C. S. Lewis – Reviewed by Pamela  Jordan-Long
324          DANIEL L. DRIESBACH AND MARK DAVID HALL, EDS., Faith and the Founders of the American Republic – Reviewed by Matthew Hill
326          ANDY CROUCH, Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power – Reviewed by Todd C. Ream and Aaron Morrison


Christian Research Journal Vol.38 No.2

10    Is Christianity Bad for Your Health? – A.A. Howsepian
Behavioral-Scientific Apologetics/Critical Thinking: Recent atheist writers claim to find real physical and psychological harm in Christian teachings and practices. However, careful analysis of this literature reveals numerous methodological flaws, false assumptions, and factual errors. The real question is whether it is the Christian life or the atheist life that best corresponds to reality and provides for genuine human flourishing.

18    The Seven Deadly Sins and the Path to Virtuous Character – Paul Copan
Christian Growth: The soul- and relationship-destroying seven deadly sins are vices that undermine loving God and loving others. The virtuous life, by contrast, is one that resembles the image of the truest human-Jesus. Character cultivation begins not with moralistic endeavor but with a relationship with God in Christ, which in turn transforms our character.

24    Discerning the Times: Why We Lost the Culture War and How to Make a Comeback – Donald T. Williams
Cultural Discernment (Viewpoint): We lost the culture war, not because of bad arguments  but because we already had lost it on the more fundamental ground of hermeneutics: we missed the changes taking place in the English departments of our colleges, and postmodernism followed. To reverse this, we must first recognize the importance of reading and how it is taught.

32    Homesick for Heaven: A Story to Share with Non-Christians – Dan Story
Natural Theology (Effective  Evangelism): There is some thing about the wilderness, wild animals, and even our gardens and pets that humans intuitively find gratifying. Clearly, deep within the human soul, something beckons us to nature. But why? And how can we use this yearning as a point of contact with unbelievers?

38    State School? Christian College? Navigating the Many Choices – Maren Halvorson
Christian Education: As the cost of college education increases, parents and students are asking if the return on investment justifies the expense. Why go to college? What kind of college should one attend? Grounded in biblical wisdom, Maren Halvorson, EdD, helps parents  and students wrestle through the options for the post-high school path.

44    Does the Levitical Prohibition of Homosexuality Still Apply Today? – Sean McDowell
Ethical Apologetics/Biblical Discernment: Many critics are quick to reject the Levitical prohibition against homosexuality as culturally relative and antiquated. But careful examination shows that God condemned pagan nations for committing the same “abominations” and that the prohibition is rooted in the Genesis creation narrative, implying that it is a universal moral principle.

50    Grace upon Grace: 1 John 1:8-9 and the Forgiveness of Sins – Steven Parks
Doctrinal Discernment (Practical Hermeneutics): Does 1 John 1:8-9 straightforwardly teach that Christians are not without sin and therefore stand in daily need of confession and forgiveness? Or, as a growing number of evangelicals contend, does this passage apply only to nonbelievers, such that, beyond confession at conversion, Christians need not seek forgiveness for daily sins?


04    From the CAO
06    Effective Evangelism – Morality, Therefore God: An Evangelistic Strategy
08    Practical Hermeneutics – Is Jesus’ Name Used in Vain? Answering the Sacred Name Movement
58    Reviews –  A Summary Critique: Karen Armstrong’s Fields of Blood ...Richard B. Hays’s Reading  Backwards
62    Ask Hank

First Things No.253 May 2015

The  Public  Square
3         Success Is Not Dignity by R. R. Reno

8         Marriage, Mario  Cuomo, etc 

17       Orthodox Terrorism by Mykhailo Cherenkov
19       Hitting  the Gym by James  Mumford
21       The Screen and the Book by Marc Barnes

25        Lessons in Statecraft by George  Weigel
33        Sex and Danger at UVA by Vigen  Guroian and William Wilson
41        Solzhenitsyn’s Red Wheel by Daniel J. Mahoney
47        The Great Interpreter by Michael  Stokes Paulsen and  Luke Paulsen

55        Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights by Katha Pollitt reviewed by Elizabeth C. Corey
58        Why Not Say What Happened  by Morris Dickstein reviewed by Mark  Bauerlein
60        The Ransom  of the Soul by Peter Brown reviewed by Gary  A. Anderson
62        Fierrabras by Franz Schubert reviewed by Heather Mac Donald
65        The Evangelical Origins of the Living Constitution by John W. Compton
             reviewed by Molly Oshatz

While We’re At It
68        Meritocracy,  Progressivism, etc.

The Back Page
72        Traditio Deformis by David  Bentley Hart

24        Susan Lefler
40        John Whitworth


Journal of Psychology and Theology Vol. 43 No. 1 Spring 2015

3  Utilizing the Serenity Prayer to Teach Psychology Students About Stress Management – Elizabeth L. Campbell
8  Beyond Survival: Application of a Complex Trauma Treatment Model in the Christian Context – Jana Pressley and Joseph Spinazzola
23  Religious Fundamentalism and Psychological Well-Being:An Italian Study – Leonardo Carlucci, Marco Tommasi, Michela Balsamo, Adrian Furnham, and Aristide Saggino
34  Spiritual Maturity as a Moderator of the Relationship Between Christian Fundamentalism and Shame – Kathryn H. Keller, Debra Mallen, and Lisa H. Rosen
47  What’s the “Positive”  in Positive Psychology? Teleological Considerations Based on Creation and Imago Doctrines – Pamela  Ebstyne  King and William B. Whitney
60  A Metacognitive Perspective on Internal Dialogues and Rhetoric: Derived from the Details of the Prodigal Son’s Parable – Pablo Polischuk
73  Journal File