Christian Educators Journal Vol.54 No.4 April 2015

04    The Top Ten Books for Adolescents and Young Adults that You Need to Read Now – Bill Boerman-Cornell
10    Deepening Colors – reviewed by Gloria Goris Stronks
12    Future Wise – reviewed by Dan Beerens
15    Leaders of Their Own Learning – reviewed by Darryl DeBoer
20    Death Before the Fall – reviewed by John Schneider
23    Nuts and Bolts of Inclusive Education – reviewed by Kathleen VanTol
25    The Cross and Gendercide – reviewed by Rebecca Warren
27    Teaching to Justice, Citizenship, and Civic Virtue – reviewed by Robert J. Keeley

02    Organized Reading – Gary VanArragon
30    A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing – Gary L. Riggins
32    Watching Cardinals, Tasting Words, and Savoring Slowness – Jane Hoogendam-Reitsma
34    So Little Time for So Many Books – Jan Kaarsvlam