Catholic Biblical Quarterly Vol.77 No.2 April 2015

231-249    The Agenda of Priestly Taxonomy: The Conceptualization of “unclean” and “detestable thing” in Leviticus 11 – Lance Hawley
250-262    Ecclesiastes 9:1-12: An Emphatic Statement of Themes – Addison G. Wright, P.S.S.
263-279    Creature Features: Monstrosity and the Construction of Human Identity in the Testament of Solomon – Thomas Scott Cason
280-301    Is the Lucan Jesus a “martyr”? A Critical Assessment of a Scholarly Consensus – Brian J. Tabb
302-336    Objects of Mercy in Jude: The Prophetic Background of Jude 22-23
337-391    Book Reviews – David Bosworth and Linda M. Maloney
392-408    Collected Essays
409-413    Books Received