World Vol.30 No.8 April 2015

40    Battle Ready: Assyrian Christians and Kurds in Iraq’s north have been holding a 640-mile front against ISIS since last year. With a humanitarian crisis at their doorstep, can a planned offensive break ISIS?
46    A clerk’s struggle: What is a Christian clerk who issues marriage licenses to do with the possible legalization of same-sex marriage  nationwide?
50    Hassles and joys: Great risks, long journeys, government sabotage, official informants, chaotic crowds, packed halls, and fervent prayers: Welcome to a Christian training conference in Hong Kong.
54    Midwest approaches: Republicans have taken over governors’ offices throughout the Midwest. What have they done to battle poverty?

6      Joel Belz
9      Dispatches: News, Human Race, Quotables, Quick Takes
26    Janie B. Cheaney
29    Culture: Moves&TV, Books, Q&A, Music
38    Mindy Belz
59    Notebook: Medicine, Technology, Science, Houses of God, Sports, Money
67    Mailbag
71    Andree Seu Peterson
72    Marvin Olasky