English Journal Vol.104 No.4 March 2015

7      Call for Manuscripts
11    From the Editors – Julie Gorlewski and David Gorlewski
12    High School Matters: Why Teach Poetry? – Tara Seale
15    EJ in Focus: Poetry and Emotional Intelligence: A Radical Call – Kyle Vaughn
110  Speaking My Mind: Vincent: Timeless Poet, Fearless Voice – Reflections on the Centennial of Renasence – Megan Morgans Ainsworth

Poetry: Rhyme and Reason
21    Creating Space for Poetry – Julie E. Schrauben
26    Sappho through Mimesis, a Pedagogical Approach to Teaching Poetry – Catherine Louise Kennedy
32    Peer Response, Reminds: Authentic Peer Response through Audio Technology – Michael Hoffman
37    Behind the Curtain: A Teacher’s Quest to Better Understand, Write, and Model Poetry – Tanya J. Hannaford
43    Connecting Students with Shakespeare’s Poetry: Digital Creations of Close Reading – Joan Lange, Patrick Connolly, and Devin Lintzenich
50    “When It Rains a Puddle Is Made”: Fostering Academic Literacy in English Learners through Poetry and Translation – Jie Y. Park, Lori Simpson, Jesse Bicknell, and Sarah Michaels
59    Pairing Poetry and Technology: Teaching from the “Outside Inward” – Toby Emert
65    What the Whiteness Project Should Have Been: Poetry as a Collaborative Vehicle for Inquiry – Samuel Jaye Tanner
71    Galvanizing Empathy Through Poetry – Daniel Xerri and Stephanie Xerri Agius
77    Every Voice Matters: Spoken Word Poetry in and outside of School – Wendy R. Williams
83    Mindful Poetry: Making the Strange Familiar – Candence Robillar, Jacqeline Bach, and Melissa Gulden

90    Speaking Truth to Power – P.L. Thomas
93    Lingua Angila: Bridging Language and Learners – Kathleen M. Lord and Pamela J. Hickey
96    Carpe Librum: Seize the (YA) Book – Pauline Skowron-Schmidt
98    Continuous Becoming: Moving toward Mystery – Rose Cherie Reissman
100  Soft(a)ware in the English Classroom – Tom Liam Lynch
103  Disabling Assumptions – Jacob Stratman

106  As I Walk from my Classroom – Mark DeFoe
107  Clarification 0 Matthew Phillips
108  Proper Etiquette – Kathy Judge
109  Close Reading – Sandra Kurtti Pylvainen