First Things No.253 May 2015

The  Public  Square
3         Success Is Not Dignity by R. R. Reno

8         Marriage, Mario  Cuomo, etc 

17       Orthodox Terrorism by Mykhailo Cherenkov
19       Hitting  the Gym by James  Mumford
21       The Screen and the Book by Marc Barnes

25        Lessons in Statecraft by George  Weigel
33        Sex and Danger at UVA by Vigen  Guroian and William Wilson
41        Solzhenitsyn’s Red Wheel by Daniel J. Mahoney
47        The Great Interpreter by Michael  Stokes Paulsen and  Luke Paulsen

55        Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights by Katha Pollitt reviewed by Elizabeth C. Corey
58        Why Not Say What Happened  by Morris Dickstein reviewed by Mark  Bauerlein
60        The Ransom  of the Soul by Peter Brown reviewed by Gary  A. Anderson
62        Fierrabras by Franz Schubert reviewed by Heather Mac Donald
65        The Evangelical Origins of the Living Constitution by John W. Compton
             reviewed by Molly Oshatz

While We’re At It
68        Meritocracy,  Progressivism, etc.

The Back Page
72        Traditio Deformis by David  Bentley Hart

24        Susan Lefler
40        John Whitworth