Concordia Theological Quarterly Vol.78 No.3-4 July/October 2014

3    The Same Yesterday, Today, and  Forever: Jesus as Timekeeper – William C. Weinrich
17    Then Let Us Keep the Festival: That Christ Be Manifest in His Saints – D. Richard  Stuckwisch
39    The Missouri Synod and the Historical Question of Unionism and Syncretism – Gerhard H. Bode Jr.
59    Doctrinal Unity and  Church Fellowship – Roland F. Ziegler
81    A Light Shining in a Dark Place: Can a Confessional Lutheran Voice Still Be Heard in the Church of Sweden? – Rune Imberg
93    Cultural Differences and Church Fellowship: The Japan Lutheran Church as Case Study – Naomichi Masaki
115    The Christian Voice in the Civil  Realm – Gifford  A. Grobien
131    Lutheran Cliches as Theological Substitutes – David  P. Scaer
144    Theological Observer:
Go On
Inaugural Speech for the Robert D. Preus Chair
The Restoration of Creation in Christ: Essays in Honor of Dean O. Wenthe
Incarnation as the Perfection of Creation
167    Book Reviews
186    Books Received
189    Indices for Volume 78 (2014)