Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal Vol.19 2014

3      “The  Chief Exercise of Faith”: John Calvin and the Practice of Prayer – John Aloisi
23    Spirit-Filling in Ephesians  5:18 – William W. Combs
53    A Tale of Two Kingdoms: The Struggle for the Spirituality of the Church and the Genius of the Dispensational System – Mark A. Snoeberger
73    Being Jesus, Missio Dei, and Kingdom Work: An Analysis, Critique, and Proposal for Modern Approaches to Holistic Ministry – Benjamin G. Edwards
95    From Heaven He Came and Sought Her: Definite Atonement in Historical, Biblical, Theological, and Pastoral Perspective: A Review Article – Matthew A. Postiif
105  Canon Revisited: Establishing the Origins and Authority of the New Testament Books: A Review Article – Jon Pratt
115  Book Reviews