Evangelical Missions Quarterly Vol.51 No.2 April 2015

Regular Features
132   A Second  Look: With an Eye on the Future – Gary Corwin
202   The 20/20 Gap: The Missional Function of Architecture – Matthew Niermatm
208   Voices  in the Local Church: Seven Pillars for a Missional Culture – J.D. Payne
214   Excellence in Missions: Mission Networks: Connecting the Global Church – Karin Butler Primuth
220   Orality in Missions: Orality Is Just Good Missiology – Ed Weaver
226    Book  Reviews

134   SYMPOSIUM: The Unengaged: An Engaging Strategy or Not… – Ted Esler, with responses by Steve Sang-Cheol Moon, Paul Eshleman, and  John Becker
146   Short-term Mission Partnerships: Lessons from Paul and the Philippians – Daniel Rickett
152   The Motivation for Conversion to Christianity of the Momina People – Les Henson
162   Third Culture Kids in the Church: Finding Where You Belong – Michael Pollock
170   H/S-1 to H/S-5: Levels of Awareness of Honor/Shame in Cross-cultural Ministry – Werner Mischke
180   Think Big, Think Small: Partnerships as a Revolution in Global Missions – Josh Broward
190   Using Scripture in Multilingual Churches – Annette R. Harrison
196   Preparing Majority World Pastors to Teach the Whole Counsel of God – Philip Thornton