Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society Vol.58 No.1 March 2015

1      Editorial – Andreas J. Kostenberger
5      Some Reflections on Sola F’ide – Thomas R. Schreiner
15    Having the Last Say: The End of the OT – Gregory Goswell
31    Shaddai, Providence, and the Narrative Structure of  Ruth – Terrance R. Wardlaw Jr.
43    Salvation, Spreading, and Suffering: God’s Unfolding Plan in Luke-Acts – Brian J. Tabb
63    “Almost Thou  Persuadest  Me…”: The Importance of  Greco-Roman Rhetoric for the Understanding of the Text and Context of  the NT – Ben Witherington III
89    Man, Woman, and the Mystery of  Christ: An Evangelical Protestant Perspective – Russell D. Moore
95    Is Homosexual  Orientation Sinful? – Denny Burk
117  Sex and Fullness: A Rejoinder  to Dennis Hollinger on Contraception – W. Ross Blackburn
131  Eternal Functional Subordination and the Problem of the Divine Will – D. Glenn Butner Jr.
151  Book Reviews
219  Index of Book Reviews