Creation Research Society Quarterly Vol. 51 No. 3


152 The Dating “Pedigree” of Seafloor Sediment Core MD97-2120: A Case Study

Jake Hebert

165 Erosion of the Weald, Southeast England Part I: Uniformitarian Mysteries

Michael J. Oard and John D. Matthews

177 Battlegrounds of Natural History III: Historicism

John K Reed and Peter Klevberg

186 Extreme Information: Biocomplexity of Interlocking Genome Languages

Jeffrey P. Tomkins

201 Copernicus, Heliocentricity, and the Catholic Church: What Really Happened

Jerry Bergman


148 Editorial: Christian Gnosticism

207 Notes from the Panorama of Science

209 Letters to the Editor

213 Media Reviews

219 Instructions to Authors

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