Criswell Theological Review Volume 12, No. 2

Issues in Pauline Studies

Editor’s Page

3 The Source and Scope of Paul’s Apostolic Authority

Andrew D. Clarke

23 Creational Allusions in Romans 8:18-27 and Their Interpretive Significance for Understanding

Predestination Language in 8:28-33

Victor Copan

47 The Righteousness of God: Frontiers of Pauline Research

Gerald L. Stevens

71 The New Moses of the Law of Christ:  Paul in Galatians

Rodney Reeves

83 Paul’s Eschatological Outlook in the Pastoral Epistles

Matthew Y. Emerson

99 N.T. Wright and the Identity of Saul of Tarsus

Tom Holland

119 Violent Ethno-Racial Reconciliation: A Mystery in Ephesians and Its Jewish Martyrological Background

Jarvis J. Williams

135 Prepared by Whom? Reprobation and Non-Calvinist Interpretations of Romans 9:22

Wayne A. Brindle

147 Book Reviews

191 Index of Book Reviews