First Things No. 254

The Public Square

3 Our Carrie Nation  by R. R. Reno


8 Barth’s legacy, State of death, etc.


17 The Power Elite by Patrick Deneen

19 Not Quite Nihilism by Dan Hitchens

21 The Church of Darwin by John G. West


25 Freedom Within  the Disciplines

by Francesca Aran Murphy

33 The Future of Democratic Capitalism

by Michael Novak

39 The Three Fausts

by Stephen  C. Meredith

45 Responses to The Three Fausts

by Peter Thiel and David Gelernter


51 God’s Planet by Owen Gingerich

reviewed by Stephen M. Barr

54 Law’s Virtues by Cathleen Kaveny

reviewed by Kevin L. Flannery

56 How Dante Can Save Your Life by Rod Dreher

reviewed by Robert  Royal

58 Disability, Providence, and Ethics by Hans S. Reinders

reviewed by Arne Rasmusson

61 Pioneer Girl by Laura Ingalls Wilder

reviewed by Sarah Klitenic Wear

63 Briefly Noted

While We’re At It

68 Obama’s church, Irish marriage, etc.

The Back Page

72 Romans 8:19-22 by David Bentley Hart


Anna Stiritz (p. 24), Stephen Scaer (p. 31), Maryann Corbett  (p. 38), Les Murray  (p. 49)