Journal of Dispensational Theology- Spring 2015


5 Editorial

7 New Calvinism, Part II: Prominent New Calvinists

Drew Curley

41 The Orthodox Church and “Supersessionism”

Hal Smith

65 A Dispensationalist Response to

“The Orthodox Church and ‘Supersessionism”

Mike Stallard

69 Israel and Her Future:

An Exegesis of Romans 11:29-24

David Q. Santos

Book Reviews

92 Bateman IV, Herbert W.

Interpreting the General Letters

87 Rios, Christopher M.

After the Monkey Trial

90 Ross, Allen P.

A Commentary on the Psalms, Volume 2

97 Schmitt, John W. and J. Carl Laney.

Messiah’s Coming Temple

88 Smith, Gary V.

Interpreting the Prophetic Books