Trinity Journal Vol. 36 NS, No. 1

3-21 David S. Dockery

Evangelism: Past, Present, and Future

25-48 James W. Scott

The Misunderstood Mustard Seed Matt. 17:20b; Luke 17:6

51-67 Keith E. Johnson

Penal Substitution as an Undivided Work of the Triune God

71-90 Timothy A. Gabrielson

Along the Grain of Salvation History: A Suggestion for Evangelical Hermeneutics

91-111 Samuel J. Youngs

Renovating Evangelical Exclusivism: Toward an Assessment and Synthesis of Recent Paradigms

Book Reviews

113-115 T.R. Schreiner

The King in His Beauty (B. Dennert)

115-116 S. Wells and G. Sumner

Esther and Daniel (R. Wadholm Jr.)

117-119 W.E. Glenny

Hosea: A Commentary Based on Hosea in Codex Vaticanus (E. Tully)

119-121 F.S. Spencer

Salty Wives, Spirited Mothers, and Savvy Widows (K. Yamazaki-Ransom)

121-123 M.M. Leung

The Kingship-Cross Interplay in the Gospel of John (I. Miller)

123-125 C.S. Keener

Acts: An Exegetical Commentary (K. Yamazaki-Ransom)

126-127 P. Perkins

First Corinthians (R. Whiteford)

127-129 R.W. Wall with R.B. Steele

1 and 2 Timothy and Titus (R. Whiteford)

129-131 C.R. Campbell

Paul and Union with Christ (R. Yarbrough)

131-133 C. Tilling

Paul’s Divine Christology

135-137 C.E. Braaten

Who is Jesus? Disputed Questions and Answers (B. Simpson)

137-139 F.J Murphy

Apocalyticism in the Bible and Its World (B. Reynolds)

139-141 F. Bovon

New Testament and Christian Apocrypha (D. Sloan)

141-142 M. Levering

The Theology of Augustine (D. Hooper)

142-144 Studebaker and Caldwell III

The Trinitarian Theology of Jonathan Edwards (K. Stetina)

144-146 G. Thornbury

Recovering Classic Evangelicalism (T. Padgett)

146-147 Richey, Rowe, and Schmidt

American Methodism (J. Moore)

147-149 I. Paul and D. Wenham, eds.

Preaching the New Testament (S. Mathewson)

149-151 B. Howell

Short-term Mission (B. Nieh)