Journal of Psychology and Theology Vol. 43 No. 2 Summer 2015

83 Religious Faith and the Virtues: An Introduction to the Special Issue I Timothy A Sisemore and Amanda M. Blackburn
86 Preliminary Analyses of Three Measures of Grace: Can They Be Unified? I Rodger K. Bufford, Amanda M. Blackburn, Timothy A Sisemore, and Rodney L. Bassett
98 Rest as a Virtue: Theological Foundations and Application to Personal and Professional Life I JamaL. White, Amanda M. Blackburn, and Mary K. Plisco
121 Studying Wisdom: Toward a Christian Integrative Perspective I Paul Mclaughlin and
Mark R. McMinn
131 Compassion Development in Higher Education I Roxanne Rashedi, Thomas G. Plante, and Erin S. Callister
140 The Gratitude of Underprivileged Young People in Hong Kong: The Potential Role of Religious Mentors I Eddie Chi Wai Ng and Charles C. Chan
148 Journal File
150 Books Received