The Catholic Biblical Quarterly Vol. 77 No. 3 July 2015

429 Levirate Marriage in Deuteronomy 25:5-10 and Its Precursors in Leviticus and Numbers: A Test
Case for the Relationship between P/H and D
Benjamin Kilchor
441 A Proposed Reading of [Hebrew Word] in Amos 2:8
Jeremy Schipper and Mark Leuchter
449 The Developing Narrative of the Life of Job: The Implications of Some Shared Elements in the Book
of Tobit and the Testament of Job
Jonathan R. Trotter
467 The Role of Transcriptional Probability in the Text-Critical
Debate on Mark 1:1
Max Botner
481 The Enunciative Device of Romans 1:18-4:25: A Succession of Discourses Attempting to Express the Multiple Dimensions of God’s Justice
Alain Gignac
503 The Myth of the “Lord’s Supper”: Paul’s Eucharistic Meal
Terminology and Its Ancient Reception
Andrew McGowan
522 Biblical News
523 Book Reviews
David Bosworth and Linda M. Maloney
573 Collected Essays
595 Books Received