Christianity Today Vol. 59 No. 6 July/August 2015

7 Editor’s Note: Ted Olsen explains why we still need to talk about race.
11 Reply All: Readers respond to the May issue via letters, tweets, and blogs.
15 Witness: An adoptive mom starts over at a homeless shelter.
16 Gleanings: Baptists fight loan sharks, prisoners sing ‘Amazing Grace’ before execution, and lnter Varsity names interim boss.
18 Headlines: Crowd funding outrage, babies stall the Great Commission, and Kenyans learn Muslim prayers in the face of terror.
25 Where We Stand: Hope in the Face of Intractable Racism
27 Her.meneutics: RachelStone learns to share the parenting load.
28 Past Imperfect: David Neff looks at the graciousness of one famous missionary.
44 UNDERSTANDING GENDER DYSPHORIA: The leading Christian scholar on transgender issues defines the terms and gives the church away forward.
Mark Yerhouse
52 LOVING MY SISTER-BROTHER: My sibling’s decision began the greatest test of my faith.
Margaret Philbrick
58 HE SUFFERS WITH US And we with him.
Kevin P.Emmert
64 THE HIGH PRICE OF FAITH IN ACTION: Melinda Gates believes that all lives have equal value. She’s spending $3.6 billion a year to prove it.
Timothy c. Morgen
70 A JOURNEY INTO THE UNKNOWN: I learned how to follow God in trust and vulnerability, even when I felt displaced.
Timothy George
83 Books:
Lauren Winner’s Wearing God, Review by Courtney Reissig
Gerald Hiestand and Todd Wilson’s The Pastor Theologian, Review by Douglas Webster
Interview: Christopher J. H. Wright’s The Message of Lamentations
88 Culture: Why we can’t get enough of true-crime podcasts.
96 Testimony: In the horror of 9/11, Charles H. Featherstone turned from Islam