Journal of Psychology and Christianity Fall 2015

99 Religious Openness Hypothesis: I. Religious Reflection, Schemas, and Orientations Within Religious Fundamentalist and Biblical Foundationalist Ideological Surrounds
P j. Watson, Zhuo Chen, Nima Ghorbani, and Meghedi Vartanian

114 Religious Openness Hypothesis: II. Religious Reflection and Orientations, Mystical Experience, and Psychological Openness of Christians in Iran
Pj. Watson, Nima Ghorbani, Meghedi Vm1anian, and Zhuo Chen

125 Religious Openness Hypothesis: m. Defense Against Secularism Within Fundamentalist and Biblical Foundationalist Ideological Surrounds
Pj. Watson, Zhuo Chen, Ronald J. Morris, and Erin Stephenson

141 Stress and Negative Religious Coping in a Community Sample
Gina M. Brelsford, Lisa A. Mandell, Ta rah Raldiris, and Joshua Ramirez

155 Understanding the Relationship of ldentity Status, Agency, and Religiosity on the Acceptance and Use of Pornography in Christian, Undergraduate Emerging Adults
Rob Rhea and Klaus Issler

168 Spiritual Predictors of Change in Intercultural Competence in Multicultural Counseling Course
Steve J. Sandage, Jason Li, Peter J. Jankowski, Michelle Beilby, and Christopher Frank

179 Religiousness and Congruence Between Sexual Values and Behavior
Joshua N. Hook, Jennifer E. Farrell, Marcia Naj. Ramos, Don E. Davis, Sara Ka raga, Daryl R. Van Tongeren, and Joshua Grubbs

189 Book Reviews
Rodney L. Bassett, Editor