Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society Vol. 58 No. 2 June 2015

221 ‘Place for My Name”: Horeb and Zion in the Mosaic Vision of Israelite Worship
Daniel I. Block
249 The Blood of Ahab: Reevaluating Ahab’s Death and Elijah’s Prophecy
Benjamin Foreman
265 The Strategic Placement of the “Hallelu-Yah” Psalms within the Psalter
0. Palmer Robertson
269 Reading Isaiah 40:1-11 in Light of Isaiah 36-37
Matthew Seufert
283 The “Wealth of the Nations”: A Study in the Intertextuality of Isaiah 60:5, 11
Charles l. Cruise
299 The Origins of Christmas and the Date of Christ’s Birth
Kurt M. Simmons
325 The Exegetical Significance of Synoptic Differences from the Standpoint of Discourse Grammar
Steven Runge
335 Solidarity in Suffering and Glory: The Unifying Role of Psalm 34 in 1 Peter 3:10-12
Sean M. Christensen
353 “Being Going to Be Born to Mary”: An Overview and “Appraisal of Robert W Jenson’s View of the Incarnation as an OT Phenomenon”
Immitt Cornelius
367 Book Reviews
421 Books Received
439 Index of Book Reviews