Psychology Today Vol. 48 No. 5 September/October 2015

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11 Insights: The War on Distraction: cooling a heated conversation. Why self-control is hard (and how to make it easier)
24 Eccentric’s Corner: Marqee Kerr knows exactly how to make you scream
29 Person of Interest: Woody Allen keeps making, but can we keep enjoying them?
34 Mind your Body: The idealization of thin and ultra-fit female bodies is drawing scrutiny
37 Supplemental Science: Turmeric combats depression-and much more
42 SEX Anew: Long term couples handle differences in desire
44 2-Minute Memoir: A mother comes to terms with having a transgender child
48 Rant: Does regret make you sink into mourning or does it spark you to take action?
52 Wicked Thoughts: Now and then, many of us delight in other people’s pain or imagine a sexually perverse act all within the privacy of our own minds. Such dark thoughts can be scary and shameful but they need not torture us.
62 Crisis U: It’s not intentional. But in an effort to protect the increasingly fragile psyches of today’s students, colleges are becoming more like mental health wards than bastions of learning. Much starts with misperceptions of stress.
72 The Einstein of love: In research over 40 years, psychologist John Gottman has turned romance into a science. His latest work defines the laws of love relationships, which he says, operate like energy systems.
82 Think Like a Gamer: Research shows that we have a much better chance of overcoming our greatest challenges when we power up, recruit allies, and fight our problems as if they were bad guys in a video game.
96 Final Analysis