Southern Baptist Journal of Theology Vol. 19 No. 1 Spring 2015

5 Stephen Wellum
Reflecting on the Greatest Person Imaginable: God the Son Incarnate
11 Gregg R. Allison
The Communication of Properties: A Post-Reformation
Divergence between Lutheran and Reformed Theologies
25 Paul Helm
The Mystery of the Incarnation: “Great is the Mystery of Godliness”
39 Oliver D. Crisp
Concerning the Logos asarkos:
Interacting with Robert W.Jenson
53 R. Lucas Stamps
A Chalcedonian Argument Against Cartesian Dualism
69 John E. McKinley
A Model of Jesus Christ’s Two Wills in View of Theology
Proper and Anthropology
91 Kyle Claunch
The Son and the Spirit:
The Promise and Peril of Spirit Christology
115 Matthew Y. Emerson
“He Descended to the Dead”: The Burial of Christ and the
Eschatological Character of the Atonement
133 Book Reviews