Youth Worker Journal July/August 2015

10 Youth Culture Update
Paul Asay
13 Culture Watch: Instilling Social Media Sense
Walt Mueller
14 Christian Education: Flipping the Classroom
Allen Jackson
15 Worldview: One Blanket-God’s provisions in Lesotho
Marie Curtis
16 Managing Your Ministry: Managing Confrontation
Syler Thomas
17 Ten Minutes in God’s Word: We Need More “Wow” Bell
Barry Shafer
18 Conversations: Blessed Are the Humble
Mark Matlock
20 The Youth Worker Journal Roundtable on Teaching
Tim Baker
21 How to Teach in America Without Losing Your Soul
Francis Chan
27 Teaching at the Intersection of Faith and Science
Andy Root and Eric Leafblad
30 Slaughtering the Sacred Teaching Cow: Two Meetings that Changed the Way I Teach
Christina Robertson
32 Sidebar: 3 Student Ministry Teaching Myths
Jarrid Wilson
33 Storify Your Talk: How to Make Teens Wake Up and Listen
Rachel Blom
36 Pass the Mic: Team Teaching in a Spotlight World
Jeff Tillson
38 Sidebar: 8 Tips for Unleashing Teens to Teach
Jen Bradbury
39 Baby Stepping Toward a Yearlong Curriculum Plan
Heather Lea Campbell
42 Youth Doing Ministry Four Big Ideas for Teaching Students to Lead
Brian Hull
48 Soul Care: Then Sings My Soul
David Olshine
50 Stirring It Up: I Teach Wrestling
Gina Abbas