Journal of Psychology and Theology Vol. 43 No. 3 Fall 2015

155 Religious and Spiritual Diversity Training in Clinical Psychology Doctoral Programs: Do Explicitly Christian Programs Differ from Other Programs?
Mark R. McMinn, Michael J. Vogel, M. Elizabeth Lewis Hall, Alexis D. Abernethy, Ryan Birch, Timofey Galuza, Jacqi Rodriguez, and Kathryn Putman

165 Relational Integration, Part 1: Differentiated Relationality Between Psychology and Theology
Steven J. Sandage and Jeannine K. Brown

179 Relational Integration, Part II: Relational Integration as Developmental and Intercultural
Jeannine K. Brown and Steven J. Sandage

192 Delight or Distraction: An Exploratory Analysis of Sabbath-Keeping Internalization I Karl G. D. Bailey and Arian C. B. Timoti

204 The Influence of Affective Priming on One’s Perceived Relationship to God
Travis S. Crone

212 Incorporating Evidence-Based Practices Into Faith-Based Organization Service Programs
John D. Terry, Anna R. Smith, Peter R. Warren, Marissa E. Miller, Sam D. McQuillin, Terry A. Wolfer, and Mark D. Weist