First Things No. 257 November 2015

3 Crisis of Solidarity
R. R. Reno

8 MFA or not? Laudato Si, etc.

15 Re-Educate for America
Malcolm Rivers

18 Francis in Sarajevo
Stephen Schwartz

20 The Allure of Sustainability
Michael Toscano

23 Humanity 4.5
Mark Shiffman

31 When Teachers Don’t Matter
Mark Bauerlein

37 A Church of Empire
Sergei Chapnin

43 Spiritual Literature for Atheists
Francis Spufford

51 We Believe the Children by Richard Beck
reviewed by Julia Yost

55 Richard John Neuhaus by Randy Boyagoda
reviewed by Roger Kimball

58 Feminist Edges of the Qur’an by Aysha A. Hidayatullah
reviewed by Maria Massi Dakake

60 Revelation as Testimony by Mats Wahlberg
reviewed by Thomas Joseph White

63 Jephthah’s Daughters edited by Rober Oscar Lopez and Rivka Edelman
reviewed by Helen Alvare

64 Briefly Noted

68 Fiorina v. Planned Parenthood, Migrant crisis, etc.

72 Roland on Dreams by David Bentley Hart

Evangelical Missions Quarterly Vol. 52 No. 4 October 2015

Regular Features

356 A Second look: Reaching and Reconciling
Gary Corwin

434 Voices in the local Church: Perched on the Shoulders of Giants: Building legacy for the Sake of Mission
Matt Erickson

440 Excellence in Missions: Four Ways to Improve Field Staff Retention
James Nelson

446 Orality in Missions: Transition: The Key to Storytelling
Paul Trinh

452 Book Reviews


358 The C-1-C6 Spectrum after Fifteen Years: Misunderstandings, limitations, and Recommendations
John Jay Travis

366 The W-Spectrum: Worker Paradigms in Muslim Contexts
Warrick Farah and Kyle Meeker

378 Modes of Mission in New and Established Churches
Ed Stetzer

388 learning to “Read the Air”: Three Ways to Improve Communication in Cultures Where Silence Is Golden
Paul Sadler

394 Is English a Blessing or a Curse in Missions?
Paul Switz and Michael Lessard-Clouston

402 let’s leave Shahada to Real Muslims
Fred Farrokh, with response from Kevin Higgins

414 How Teams Work: A Case Study in Senegal, West Africa
Richard G. Lewis

424 Celebrating Donald A. McGavran: A life & legacy
Gary L. Mcintosh

Southern Baptist Journal of Theology Vol. 19 No. 2 Summer 2015

5 Editorial: Living All of Life to God’s Glory
Stephen f. Wellum

9 Economics and the Christian Worldview: 12 Theses
R.Albert Mohletj Jr.

17 Greed vs. Self-Interest: A Case Study of How Economists Can Help Theologians Serve the Church
David Kotter

49 Stewardship of the Wetlands below the Golan Heights: A Study in Judea-Christian and Muslim Contrasts
Mark Coppenger

69 Why Are You Here? Heavenly Work vs. Earthly Work
Gregg Allison

81 Not Always Right: Critiquing Christopher Wright’s Paradigmatic Application of the Old Testament to the Socio-economic Realm
John Wind

105 The Gospel, Human Flourishing, and the Foundation of Social Order
Jason Glas

135 Living in Truth: Unmasking the Lies of our Postmodern Culture
Pieter DeVries

149 Book Reviews

Christian Research Journal Vol. 38 No. 5 Fall 2015

6 Effective Evangelism
Contemporary Atheists and Sneer

8 Practical Hermeneutics
What Does the Bible Teach about the Cannabis Plant?

10 Postmodern Death: Organ Transplantation and Human Value
Richard J. Poupard

18 May the Force Bewitch You: Evaluating the Star Wars Worldview
Robert Velarde

26 Ready! Set! Wait!
David L. Talley

32 Condemnation and Grace: Polygamy and Concubinage in the Old Testament
Richard M. Davidson

38 Plural Marriage and Joseph Smith: A PR Nightmare in Mormonism
Eric Johnson

44 Responding to Pro-Gay Revisionist Talking Points
Sean McDowell

50 Once upon a Time: The Enduring Appeal of Fairy Tales
Holly Ordway

54 Reviews
A Summary Critique: Julien Musolino’s The Soul Fallacy
R. Douglas Geivett and Holly Pivec’s God’s Super-Apostles

58 Viewpoint
Living as a Christian in a TV-Dominated World

60 Ask Hank: compelling biblical example of “waiting on the Lord,” and explores both “micro” and “macro” aspects to such waiting.

Christian Educator’s Journal Vol. 55 No. 1 October 2015

2 Living in Faith and Hope
Gary VtmArragon

4 Resisting Homework as Solitary Confinement
David I. Smith

8 Speaking Students’ Language: Teaching from Your Heart to Theirs
Elizabeth Clark

12 Work, Play, Love, and Learn
Matthew Beimers and Darryl DeBoer

17 Stepping through the Door: What Makes Books Easy for Kids to Fall Into?
Andrew Blok and Bill Boerman-Cornel

24 Journey Toward Justice
reviewed by Gideon Strauss

27 Life-Affirming Books
Wes Wikkerink

29 Thinking Inside the Box: My Piece of Your Professional Development
Gary L. Riggins

31 Setting Goals and
Facing Challenges

34 How to Succeed in School Without Really Trying, or And Then There Was One
Jan Kaarsvlam

Christianity Today Vol. 59 No. 8 October 2015

9 Editor’s Note: Katelyn Beaty learns history two ways.

9 Reply All: Readers respond to the July/August issue via letters and blog posts.

11 From the President: Harold Smith offers a beautiful escape from bitter realism.


17 Witness: Mediterranean migrants want churches before homes.

18 Gleanings: Schools leave CCCU, Myanmar acquires the fire, and wax celebrities play Bible characters.

19 Under Discussion: Will conservative wedding vendors win in court?

20 Headlines: Churches and ministries get burnt by the offering.

22 In Depth
Richard Stearns: Don’t Forget South Sudan


31 Where We Stand: The New Battle for the Bible

34 Her.meneutics: Dorcas Cheng-Tozun finds purpose alongside her husband’s.

36 Past Imperfect: David Neff praises the Salvation Army’s dual mission.

38 Rightly Dividing the Word of Heresy: Not every false teaching deserves the label. Why are we wise to know the difference?
Justin Holcomb

48 Our Checkered Past: As a Southerner, I have to grapple with my forebears’ tainted legacy. As a Christian, I have to do the same.
Tish Harrison Warren

52 DRAWING FROM FAITH: John Hendrix’s church drawings are weird and sometimes scary. Then again, so is the Bible that inspires them.
Katelyn Beaty

60 HIDE IT UNDER A BUSHEL? Still no. Two legal scholars say religious nonprofits, schools, and businesses should be more explicit than ever about their faith commitments.
Matt Reynolds

66 The Real Woman at the Well: We know her as an adulterer and divorcee. Her community would have known otherwise.
Lynn H. Cohick

71 Book Reviews

Daniel Darling’s Original Jesus, review by Will Willimon

John Stackhouse’s Partners in Christ, review by Craig L.Biomberg

Excerpt: from The Work of Theology, by Stanley Hauerwas.

Interview: Caleb Kaltenbach’s Messy Grace

104 Testimony: Emily Armstrong dabbled in the Baha’i faith before a demonic attack

Dramatics Vol. 87 No. 2 October 2015

5 Journal: The National Theatre for Student Artists
Liz Morgan

11 Restrained: Alice Cooper’s costumer

13 At Large: Imagining a theatre that doesn’t exist
Jeffrey Sweet

19 Jon Jory on acting: Rhythm makes it interesting

22 Strut and Fret: Our annual high school production survey

24 Science and magic: Using color in light
Jessica Greenberg

32 On your own: How to rehearse when the director is not around
Joe Deer

35 Thespian Playworks Special section: two more scripts from our student writing program

59 Trending: Warm-ups
60 Thespian Nation

World Vol 30. No. 21 October 2015


3 Joel Belz


18 Janie B. Cheaney


32 Mindy Belz

34 Battling the Biological Clock More young people are turning to fertility treatments like in-vitro fertilization, but often without considering the ethical problems, failure rates, or emotional strain

40 Bar the doors? The U.S. Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision may increase the likelihood churches will face LGBT lawsuits. Here’s how some are protecting themselves

44 Sounding the alarm The only economist in Congress, newcomer Dave Brat never tires of warning about the government’s reckless fiscal habits

48 Going to pot? As both the social costs of and tax revenue from legal marijuana explode, it becomes increasingly difficult to reverse direction


61 Mailbag

63 Andree Sen Peterson

64 Marvin Olasky

Journal of Dispensational Theology Vol. 19 No. 57 Summer/Fall 2015

107 Editorial

111 Living and Dying in Light of the Rapture
Daniel M. Starcevich

133 New Calvinism, Part III: A Calvinist Soteriology?
Drew Curley

185 Excavating the Parable of the Sower: Discerning Jesus’ Ministry
Marcia Hornak

Book Reviews

201 If I’m a Christian,Why Am I Depressed?
Somerville, Robert B.

202 Spiritual Discipline for the Christian Life
Whitney, Donald S.

205 Understanding Scripture
Grudem, Wayne, C. John Collins, and Thomas Schreiner.

205 The Tangible Kingdom, Creating Incarnational Community
Halter, Hugh and Matt Smay.