Christianity Today Vol. 59 No. 8 October 2015

9 Editor’s Note: Katelyn Beaty learns history two ways.

9 Reply All: Readers respond to the July/August issue via letters and blog posts.

11 From the President: Harold Smith offers a beautiful escape from bitter realism.


17 Witness: Mediterranean migrants want churches before homes.

18 Gleanings: Schools leave CCCU, Myanmar acquires the fire, and wax celebrities play Bible characters.

19 Under Discussion: Will conservative wedding vendors win in court?

20 Headlines: Churches and ministries get burnt by the offering.

22 In Depth
Richard Stearns: Don’t Forget South Sudan


31 Where We Stand: The New Battle for the Bible

34 Her.meneutics: Dorcas Cheng-Tozun finds purpose alongside her husband’s.

36 Past Imperfect: David Neff praises the Salvation Army’s dual mission.

38 Rightly Dividing the Word of Heresy: Not every false teaching deserves the label. Why are we wise to know the difference?
Justin Holcomb

48 Our Checkered Past: As a Southerner, I have to grapple with my forebears’ tainted legacy. As a Christian, I have to do the same.
Tish Harrison Warren

52 DRAWING FROM FAITH: John Hendrix’s church drawings are weird and sometimes scary. Then again, so is the Bible that inspires them.
Katelyn Beaty

60 HIDE IT UNDER A BUSHEL? Still no. Two legal scholars say religious nonprofits, schools, and businesses should be more explicit than ever about their faith commitments.
Matt Reynolds

66 The Real Woman at the Well: We know her as an adulterer and divorcee. Her community would have known otherwise.
Lynn H. Cohick

71 Book Reviews

Daniel Darling’s Original Jesus, review by Will Willimon

John Stackhouse’s Partners in Christ, review by Craig L.Biomberg

Excerpt: from The Work of Theology, by Stanley Hauerwas.

Interview: Caleb Kaltenbach’s Messy Grace

104 Testimony: Emily Armstrong dabbled in the Baha’i faith before a demonic attack