Christian Educator’s Journal Vol. 55 No. 1 October 2015

2 Living in Faith and Hope
Gary VtmArragon

4 Resisting Homework as Solitary Confinement
David I. Smith

8 Speaking Students’ Language: Teaching from Your Heart to Theirs
Elizabeth Clark

12 Work, Play, Love, and Learn
Matthew Beimers and Darryl DeBoer

17 Stepping through the Door: What Makes Books Easy for Kids to Fall Into?
Andrew Blok and Bill Boerman-Cornel

24 Journey Toward Justice
reviewed by Gideon Strauss

27 Life-Affirming Books
Wes Wikkerink

29 Thinking Inside the Box: My Piece of Your Professional Development
Gary L. Riggins

31 Setting Goals and
Facing Challenges

34 How to Succeed in School Without Really Trying, or And Then There Was One
Jan Kaarsvlam