Evangelical Missions Quarterly Vol. 52 No. 4 October 2015

Regular Features

356 A Second look: Reaching and Reconciling
Gary Corwin

434 Voices in the local Church: Perched on the Shoulders of Giants: Building legacy for the Sake of Mission
Matt Erickson

440 Excellence in Missions: Four Ways to Improve Field Staff Retention
James Nelson

446 Orality in Missions: Transition: The Key to Storytelling
Paul Trinh

452 Book Reviews


358 The C-1-C6 Spectrum after Fifteen Years: Misunderstandings, limitations, and Recommendations
John Jay Travis

366 The W-Spectrum: Worker Paradigms in Muslim Contexts
Warrick Farah and Kyle Meeker

378 Modes of Mission in New and Established Churches
Ed Stetzer

388 learning to “Read the Air”: Three Ways to Improve Communication in Cultures Where Silence Is Golden
Paul Sadler

394 Is English a Blessing or a Curse in Missions?
Paul Switz and Michael Lessard-Clouston

402 let’s leave Shahada to Real Muslims
Fred Farrokh, with response from Kevin Higgins

414 How Teams Work: A Case Study in Senegal, West Africa
Richard G. Lewis

424 Celebrating Donald A. McGavran: A life & legacy
Gary L. Mcintosh