Leadership Journal Vol. 36 No. 4 Fall 2015

8 The Ever-Shifting State of the Ministry: From the editor.
Marshall Shelley

32 Faces of the Pastorate: Church leadership is changing.
Morgan Lee

38 Unprecedented: All Over Again 3 of today’s crises the church has faced before.
Ryan Hoselton

41 Sacrificing the Body: Too many pastors are neglecting physical health in the name of ministry, and it’s killing them.
G.Jeffrey MacDonald

45 Paths to the Pastorate: Today some new trails are leading to church leadership.
Kara Bettis

47 The 40-Year-Old Seminarian: Why I went to school after leading a church.
Josh Harris

48 What I Learned in Seminary That helps me as leader.
Steve Norman

50 Pastoring Racists In my church: the roots of racial sin run deep.
Name Withheld