Biblica Vol 96. No. 2 Fall 2015

161 The “angel sent from before the Lord” in Targum Joshua 5:14
Y Azuelos – F G. Voltaggio

179 A King Like The Nations: 1 Samuel 8 in Its Cultural Context.
J. H. Walton

201 Matthew, Philo, and Mercy for Animals (Matt 12:9-14)
W. T. Wilson

222 Is the Subject of Τετέλεσται in John 19:30 “It” or “All Things”?
F. O. Parker Jr.

245 Sankt Paul in Ketten. Zur Paulus-Ikonographie in der Apostelgeschichte und im Corpus Paulinum
S. Witetschek

273 How the Sheep of Judah Became Fish: Habakkuk 1:14 and the Davidic Monarchy
R. ‘Whitekettle

282 Requesting and Rejecting: Παραιτέομαι in Heb 12:18-29
M. Kibbe

287 E. APPELLA, Autorita contestata e confermata
F. Cocco

291 K. BODNER, Elisha’s Profile in the Book of Kings
M. Nobile

293 R.M. WANKE, Darstellungen von der Gegenwart Gottes im
Hiobbuch M. Peetz

298 A. WYPADLO, Die Verkliirung Jesu nach  dem  Markusevangelium
J.-N. Aletti

301 Gospel Writing R. F. O’Toole,

305 A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Epistle of James
R. Metzner, D.C. ALLISON, Jr.

310 U. HUTTNER, Early Christianity in the Lycus Valley
R. Penna